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Omni-Blogging: MSO, Hair Fair, Collabor88 & a Tinting Tutorial | Its Only Fashion

Cajsa Lillliehook, one of my old friends here in Second Life, gives a good look at goodies from this cycle of Collabor88, and throws in a quick tutorial on tinting for newbies (or oldbies who need a refresher).  Rush over and read!

Omni-Blogging: MSO, Hair Fair, Collabor88 & a Tinting Tutorial | Its Only Fashion.


Free Water Normal Maps by Trompe Loeil :

In case you haven’t seen a link to this article yet, or actually been to the original, rush off to Berry Singh’s article on a new goodie from Cory Edo.  Cory has released, through Trompe Loeil on the Marketplace, a set of normal maps for use in world in the WindLight editing tab of your client.  Please do read all of this carefully, and make sure to see Berry’s video on how to use the maps.  You can’t make a “water prim” this way, but you can give your in-world water a look that you desire for photography purposes or machinima!

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Inventoil Made Easier

Harper Beresford uses this interesting trick in Firestorm client to do some bulk inventory control. You can check to see if it works in other viewers, but the odds are it works only in Firestorm. I haven’t tried this myself, as I’m satisfied with Bright or other similar boxes; your mileage may vary.

A Passion for Virtual Fashion

Inventoil Made easy

“There’s never enough of the stuff you can’t get enough of.” ~ Patrick H.T. Doyle

Inventoil Made easy

A few years ago I introduced the word “inventoil” to the world, which was my word for going through my inventory and sorting things. At the time my inventory was almost manageable. I knew what I had and where it might be. That ended a couple years ago when boxes exploded with fatpacks of fatpacks, and I started joining events to blog. And oh, well, I shop a lot too. Pfff.

StarlightShining clued me into a fancy trick in Firestorm that is going to revolutionize your inventory, especially if you have a hoarding problem as I do. And I’m going to teach you how to do it. The bottom line is that you are going to be able to pack massive amounts of stuff into a package without manually moving it. It’s kind…

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Firefox Themes/Personas and Second Life Web Pages

A quickie note for something I’ve discovered.  If you use Firefox, and Web pages (like Marketplace or Maps) from Second Life stop showing up on your screen, try changing your current theme or Persona.  That was happening to me, and a shift in theme cleared the situation up.  I’d gone to a different theme recently, and everything disappeared.  After reasoning the problem through on what changes I’d made, a shift to a different theme cured the problem.

You may now resume your regular surfing.


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WindLight Settings from JUICYBOMB

Cajsa Lilliehook twigged me onto a special download of WindLight settings from the JUICYBOMB Second Life Fashion Blog. Just click through and download the zipped folder, then take the actual files and copy them into your WindLight folder on your viewer.

Riviera Medier gives us some suggestions for cleaning out old invisiprim shoes you don’t want to keep any more from your inventory. Many of you probably know of some of these ideas; for me, though, I’ve just stumbled on this, and I’ve been in world for four years now. Take a read and enjoy.

Riviera Chic

Spring is around the corner, and now is a good time to consider doing an invisiprim clean-up of your inventory. With the latest application upgrades, designers and consumers alike have moved from invisiprims to alpha masks and mesh. To those unfamiliar with Invisiprims, they were mostly used in the design of shoes and boots to keep the prim stable and avoid deformities. But with the introduction of alpha masks and mesh, we have seen a significant improvement whereby shoes and boots now have a larger range of movement, the ankle deformities have been corrected and they are AO compatible.

Invisiprims look like this –here above is a sample picture I took;   as you can see, they cause the extended shadows that usually wrap a shoe prim or boot prim. They conflict with the flooring builds and are quite…

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Tillie Ariantho on Photoshopping an SL photo

Tillie Ariantho is a very busy avatar.  From what I can see at her Flickr photo stream, she’s the go-to girl for event photography across Second Life, especially at fashion shows.  She also creates props for use in photo projects, several of which I have purchased from her and use in my work.

Now Tillie brings you some of her expertise in e-photography in a tutorial on Photoshopping an SL photo.  This article at her blog gives beginners the basics on taking a posed studio image and altering it to insert any background you have available.  Like many of us are familiar with, this is a “chroma key” process, in which a bright color unlike anything on the edges of the model is used as the background, and then is substituted for in the box.  I’ve used this a few times myself, with varying degrees of success, depending on the tools I have available.

Speaking of tools, Tillie’s tutorial is program-centric to Photoshop, which is not a surprising thing.  However, examining the article with a mind to your particular paint program can give you clues on how to adapt her instructions to your particular platform (Paint Shop Pro, GIMP, etc.)

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