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Bay City Morning   Leave a comment

I can tell you this, because I live just across the state, only maybe four counties away from the real-world Bay City — it don’t look this good right now. Freezing rain, snow, winds, and the temperature’s taking a plummet. It comes close to tempting me to take on Diana’s attitude about sunny skies. Not even the fur shrug I’ve got on would help much, and anyone who wears a mini in Michigan in January really should have their head examined.

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If I Have To Do Winter ….   1 comment

… then let me have a nice warm cashmere sweater. Something that’ll keep me warm even if the shoji is thrown wide open. This one may have a huge gap up the center of the back, but it does the job, it’s stylish, and I just keep the fireplace stoked.

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Posted January 23, 2019 by Diana Myeong in Fashion

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Shovel Sand, Not Snow   1 comment

My fellow bloggers all say they enjoy the snow. Me, I look forward to retiring one day so somewhere a tad warmer in the winter than State College, thank you. Not too warm; I don’t want to exchange the freezer of wintertime Pennsylvania for a broiler during the summer. (Who knows? maybe I’d better not worry about it and just live with what I get dealt.) Until I find the ideal place to live, though, at least I can find sandy winter beaches in Second Life. (Like this place, in the Cape Florida sim.)

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SL Machinima Filmed for the Portuguese President’s Office

The above machinima is a piece filmed in world for the Office of the President of Portugal.  It’s a travelogue for a build in the Alma region, run by the Museu da Presidência da República Portuguesa (Museum of the President of Portugal).  If this machinima — excellently filmed, by the way; I haven’t seen many more smoothly shot — whets your appetite, teleport to the region and have a good look-see for yourself!  You’ll materialize in a skybox; transport down from there to admire the good works laid out for us by our Portuguese brothers and sisters.

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