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Bliss Couture Zaks

It’s good to get back into modeling harness here.  It’s been so RL busy lately that I haven’t taken the time to just sit down and do the work needed for a good fashion shoot.  But I squeezed out a block of time from supervising my daughter from afar, and working on recreating a story that was lost in one of my several computer crashes,and forcing myself to ignore Pinterest for a while, and got this photographed.  It helped that the dress seized my attention!

The only thing new on me here is the dress, which is brand spanking fresh from Amutey Decuir and Bliss Couture.  It’s called Zaks, and I fell in love with the print pattern on it when I saw the publicity photos on Flickr.  It’s so soft and feminine and reminds me of water plants, so I went to the Water Temple at Cerridwen’s Cauldron to photograph this.

The one thing I don’t absolutely like about this dress is the shape of the skirt itself.  It definitely attracts attention, but it seems a little weird to be walking around in, even as an evening gown (which is what I believe Amutey intends this dress to be).  I was wearing this, however, when I got in touch with one of the estate managers at my house to fix a few problems, and the first words out of her were that she loved this dress.  This, then, like all of fashion, is a case of Your Mileage May Vary.  (It also varies for me in the sense that I don’t see this as an evening gown, but perhaps one for a daytime party or a resort.  Again, this is how I’m interpreting it with my personal sense of style.)


The details:

  • Dress:  Bliss Couture Zaks (turquoise)
  • Boots:  BAX Coen Prestige Boots (gold)
  • Jewelry:  Dahlinks My Lady Emerald Wedding Ring Set (platinum); Elate! Square Stone Ring (onyx/silver); EarthStones Dangle Stud Earrings, and Tennis Bracelet and Necklace, all in champagne diamonds/gold
  • Hair:  Analog Dog Harper (onyx) (A different Harper, incidentally, not me [grin].)

Photographed at Cerridwen’s Cauldron region



I Love Viewer 2 Makeup!

The Version 2 viewers have been controversial; but there is one definite hit with couturiers:  the new “tattoo” layer.  An ugly word for a layer that has so much versatility built into it.  I know, Emerald-heads; you’ve had additional attachment points for prims for a year or two.  But nobody in my experience supported them besides Emerald; I never got them to work; and, with Emerald now viewer non grata on the Grid, that option is fried.  Why not try something that is supported and tons better?  They give a Resident a flexibility in looks that skins aren’t able to, or are too expensive for most purchases.

For instance, in a story I’m writing for my own amusement, I have a space traveler visiting an alien world.  Bare Rose has an old costume called Space Agent, which I pulled on for this occasion:

I love golden skin; I guess I should have been a daughter of Auric Goldfinger.  And I love Hallowe’en, which gives me a chance to really dress up, at least in Second Life.  So I’ve combined the two here, at The Looking Glass.  But most gold skins I’ve found, except for Adam n Eve’s need makeup, and (with love and respect to Sachi Vixen) I think Adam n Eve’s is a little pale usually.  I want a richer coloration.  So here I’m wearing a skin from Wunderlichs, available in INSILICO SOUTH.  (You may remember my story series from earlier this year, which I shot in INSILICO.)  And now, to get some color onto my face.

The good thing about the tattoo layer is that you can combine elements together.  Just right click and select Add instead of Wear.  I believe you have a maximum of five or six items you can combine on the layer, at least in Kirstens S20 viewer, which should be enough for most needs.  It was sufficient here, with one left over before I hit 5.

The main complaint, as I noted, was lipstick.  On this, Adam n Eve have the right prescription.  Their skin was okay, but their new lipstick gives me a pop of crimson just where it counts.  (They have quite a number of shades, as well as eyeshadow, nail polish and a species of “body makeup” that tints the entire skin.)  After that, the eyes became the focus.  First comes eyeliner, which I obtained at Miamai; their LesMakeups 02 does the job here.  For shadow, Tattanooga has quite a collection of possibilities, and this Everyday 026 was my choice, since I was leaning toward purple and blue as my scheme above the gold skin.  The one thing I wasn’t satisfied with was the eyebrows on the skin, and trying a different bald cap than my normal didn’t darken them any.  The thing, then, was to cover them up.  Enter White~Widow, who have some very exotic possibilities I’d just acquired recently.  I selected Jellyfish, which completely concealed the brows and gave me an even more alien, exotic appearance.  (I did have lashes, but the bands around my Analog Dog Kathryn hair were on the same attachment point, and I didn’t try to do an add with them — which I think I could have done, actually.  I’ll have to check on that when I log back in, as I’m still in the costume.)

If there’s a Hallowe’en party sometime soon, I think I’m ready this year; don’t you?

I named almost everything already, but a few things weren’t mentioned, so:


The Details:

New Hair at Analog Dog

Queue Marlowe is one of the longest-running hairstylists in Second Life, I believe, as well as one of the most popular.  Go to her Analog Dog store when she announces a new release, and you’ll have to do two things:

  1. Turn off “Water” in the Advanced menu Rendering Types, to cut down on the lag;
  2. You’ll still need to cam around through all the bodies of women trying on styles.

This new selection of four styles is no different.  Queue has done it again, to wit:

Harper style by Analog Dog

I’ll admit that this one on the notecard is what caught my attention.  I’d love to claim that Queue named it for me, but it’s not the case.  However, this is a fun, curly style that is wonderful for lazing around on a spring/summer walk or in a deck chair, or maybe just having coffee at the local java joint.

Three more past the fold….

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Analog Dog at Hair Fair

Nice poetry there for that title, but it’s a sheer accident — or is that “shear,: which would be appropriate for a hairstylist?

Any road, a few minutes after I logged in last night, Queue Marlowe sent out a message for the Analog Dog Hair group, saying that she had finally gotten a chance to set up her booth at Hair Fair with five fresh styles and a freebie pack.  Knowing the quality of Analog Dog, I dropped my immediate plans to jump to the Abyss for a fact-checking session, and jumped back to the Red section of the Fair.

And there, I found these….

1-3:  Fleur is the contribution piece here; 50% of the take on this style goes to Locks of Love.  The hair itself is a standard upsweep, and can be worn that way.  But then you add in the goodie that comes with the style pack — and is available in several colors itself! — and you have a coiffure that changes theme dramatically!  I liked it enough that I went ahead and purchased all the colors.

4-6:  This style is called Digit, and is the most extreme of the three I purchased.  Unlike Fleur, this style needs the accessory, which channels wavy curls to all four “corners” of your head.

7-10:  Parallel is working on a different theme:  parallel horsetails.  The question is, how do you get those two tails?  The answer is, again, an included accessory — this time a “pipe” that guides the hair through its tracks to hang straight down your back.  You again have a required set of pipes to guide your hair.

Each style carries on Analog Dog’s penchant for bangs, but the Fleur packs have the bangs as an integral part of the style.  You can, of course, try some interesting color combinations with the bangs in the other packs, and blow the minds of everyone around you (grin).

Each pack runs between L$350-400, and is well worth the price if you like eccentric hair.  Go for it!

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