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Now We Are Six

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Welcome to the beginning of my sixth year blogging about Second Life (mostly).  Every article after the fourth year has set a new record for me, but I’m definitely getting up there in terms of the Grid.  Without going into everything, the sheer number of articles I’ve written (this one is my 941st) should say something about my love of SL, or at least my determination to use Second Life as my channel for exploration and artistic expression.  I’m still holding to about 3 articles a week; and, after you filter out all the spam, I’ve had 960 comments of various kinds on here — just a little better than a comment per post.  I now have over 600 followers and subscribers via various formats; I’ve recently added in a link to a Tumblr for additional circulation, which has brought in 7 subscribers there; and it’s a rare article that doesn’t get at least one “like” star from readers.  Facebook finally caught up with me and locked me out, but I’ve simply switched my emphasis over to Google+, which does an excellent job.

As always, deep thanks from the virtual heart for those who have read me from the beginning, even with the occasional gaps of a week or two.  I’ve tried quantity publishing before, and I much prefer quality, beyond the fact I don’t have the time and money budget to produce an article a day.  For those who are new to this blog, welcome, and I hope you’ll stay here with me.  I can tell you that there will be an article based on RL for tomorrow — you can probably guess what it’s about.  After that, we’ll have to see what comes as it comes!


5 Years of Around the Grid!

Well, my ambition to write every day this month has been spoiled, but by a family emergency that I’ve been helping my husband to cope with, so I’ll claim special pleading for this.  But I wasn’t going to miss this day.

It’s been five full years, you see, since I first started publishing the bits of curiosity and supposed art that I call Around the Grid.  Not many blogs of any kind — Second Life, Real Life, fashion, news, personal, LOLcats, whatever — can claim five straight years of reasonably consistent publishing.  I haven’t always hit every week, as I’ve hoped to; but I’ve come pretty close to it, I’ve started a few traditions to add interest and uniqueness to this effort, and I think I’ve improved some over time.  I know my photography, and even my storytelling and poetry, have gotten workouts and practice in the time I’ve used Second Life as a channel for creativity.  It’s given me a way to express things I could not in the Real World, and I’ll always be thankful for that.

If you’re interested in a few stats — very few, I promise you….

…then click through to read the rest of the article.

4 Blogtastic Years

I recently passed the four-year mark in writing this blog, and I’m still going at it.  That’s a gratifying thing, considering that the last blog I wrote, focusing on RL, I lost interest in after three years, and shut it down a few months after the fourth anniversary.  Here in Second Life, I still find interesting things to talk about, lovely clothes to wear, fascinating places to visit, and the occasional item or cause to express an opinion about.

In the past, I’ve done a lot of statistical groveling at this time each year; but my Top 10 of stats has so stabilized over four years that I don’t see too much point in subjecting you to all that analysis again.  My most active article, on the old custom gown I commissioned back in my first year, is still the most active — well over 7,000 visits — and that’s because I have people visiting the blog for a good picture of an actress in a Star Trek episode, not because they’re interested in Second Life (sigh, grin).  That conjecture is proved out by the search terms used to get here; most of them are for the actress, Diana Ewing.  It’s really a pretty good guess that any blog on any topic will get a large proportion of its visits simply because they showed up on a search page, and someone is stopping in to see if the article really fits what they’re looking for.  That’s the down side of how Web search still works.  I will say, though, that I’ve had over 96,000 visits in the past four years, and that’s a very nice number to me.  (Based on that, the Droxine article is only 7.5% of all traffic.)  Not all of them can be looking for balderdash — I hope….

I think what may be a more meaningful metric now — and for several years — is the number of posts I’ve written, and the number of comments and subscriptions I get.  To wit:  659 articles over this time, even with the computer outages I’ve had.  That works out to an average of a little over 3 articles a week, despite those outages and the occasional falloff of interest I go through.  That’s not too bad keeping up with this thing.  And the interest in the blog is gratifying as well:  480 comments in that time, or a little over 2 comments a week.  Of course, most weeks in actuality I get no comments at all; averages can be deceiving.  But people read the blog at least, and a further proof of that is the 24 subscribers I have to my articles, and the 63 “shares” I’ve received of pieces on Facebook and other platforms.

It hasn’t always been roses trying to write this thing.  As I said, there have been times I haven’t been interested in logging in to Second Life.  Some articles have been less than inspired, even in my unbiased (ahem) opinion.  One article, which I retracted and deleted, was positively reviled, and attacked by quite a few visitors.  Things like that can make it hard for an avatar to get interested in writing.  Somehow, I’ve kept it together, even with a grueling RL commute to work, keeping the bills paid, occasional vacations, and other forms of juggling eggs.  I hope and pray I’ll continue to keep it up here.

In closing this article, I’ll borrow from one of my favorite publications, one that’s been around a hell of a lot longer than Around the Grid:  the Old Farmer’s Almanac — “However, it is by our works and not our words that we would be judged.  These, we hope, will sustain us in the humble though proud station we have so long held….”  The thing is that, in a blog, the words are the works, aside from any photographs or other visual content there may be.  I hope, then, that my own works have been satisfactory to my readers — you who are looking at this “work” now.  And, though I really doubt Around the Grid will be here for 219 years, like the OFA, I do hope to keep writing and publishing for some time, and pleasing you with what I do.  As ever…,

Three Years of Around the Grid

WARNING:  Some statistical navel-gazing ahead!! (Though not as much as in the past)

Around the Grid with Harper turned three years old on November 20 and has had over 75,000 visits during that time — over 78,000 as of this writing!  This is far better than I ever dreamed it would be back in 2007, when I started this journal to record my experiences in Second Life, and I’m honored to be as popular as I am with you my readers.

As is my tradition, it’s time to dip into the statistics a little bit and see what’s been going on in the past year and over the run of the blog.  First of all, the traditional yearly Top X — this year, the Top 20, which I plan to keep it at for as long as I keep doing these yearly retrospectives:

Top 20 as of November 21, 2010

The front page, not surprisingly, is the top entry of all time, with well over 20,000 visits.  The perennial top individual page is still there, though:  my article in the first year on the one custom dress I’ve commissioned to date.  And, as always for that page, it’s nothing about Second Life that’s attracting people — it’s the screenshot I included of a guest character from an episode of original Star Trek, Diana Ewing’s “Droxine.”  I suspect I’m getting a lot of fans — not to call them fanboys, but that was a beautiful character — who are looking for a picture of Droxine, as stills of that episode are thin on the ground.

More after the fold….


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Two Years of Around the Grid

Warning:  much statistical navel-gazing ahead!

A little late in getting this up; but, as readers may have noticed, I’ve been having fun with my computer lately.  This is being written from the husband’s laptop, the keyboard of which I don’t really love.  When you need to write something, though, and this is the only keyboard available….

Any road, November 20th was my actual anniversary of the first article on Around the Grid with Harper.  Since I can’t back up the statistics provides to the 20th (or I haven’t discovered how), I’ll take them from today, the 26th.  To wit, the top 10 of all time:

  1. Custom Couture by Hanalyn — 4,524
  2. Putting the Bite on Bloodlines in Second Life — 2,945
  3. Nyla’s Russian Ballerina — 1,375
  4. Ready for Oscar Night — 991
  5. Contact Sheet:  Shoshana Epsilon…. — 817
  6. Pulling (Virtual) Hair — 809
  7. Fashion for the Holidays — 740
  8. Scripted SL Hair by Tekeli-li — 689
  9. Apocalypto — 668
  10. News on Free Skins (updated) — 646

There was actually another article at Number 8, the famous one on how high my traffic was spiking.  That piece linked to a blog aggregator — and that link seemed to feed traffic to the aggregator, which shoved the traffic way up on the single article.  To this day, it’s my best day on the WordPress stats.  However, I consider it a bogus number in this case, and so I’m disregarding it.

For more navel-gazing, turn the page….

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Nearly a Year of Second Life Blogging

I’m just two days short, actually; since my schedule is getting hectic lately, I figured I’d write my anniversary article now.

And what a long, strange year it’s been, friends.  I figured I’d be doing mostly a travelogue blog, taking some pictures here and there, and maybe showing off my building talents.  Instead, I’ve turned into something of a secondhand reporter/commentator on Grid news and issues, found a favorite club I love to extol the virtues of (even as I fight the lag from its popularity), done some spontaneous modeling (including a few shots for friends Cajsa Lilliehook and Gidge Uriza), inadvertently become the primary source for a photo of Diana Ewing as Droxine, and turned into quite the amateur photographer instead of a builder.

What’s all this added up to in terms of the blog?  Well, if you don’t mind a brain-numbing load of statistics, then turn the page and follow….

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