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“… the eleventh hour of the eleventh day ….”

A recreation of The Cenotaph, the monument built originally to honor the British and Empire dead of World War I, here in London City.  (Some items on the wall are derendered for the photo.)

This year, November 11 will be extra notable in many countries.  It will have been one hundred years since November 11, 1918, the day that saw an armistice go into effect at 11:00 a.m. between the warring countries, ending fighting in what we now call the First World War.  Most people of the time hoped it would truly be the last major war, the “war to end war,” as it was phrased.  Sadly, as R. F. Delderfield suggested in To Serve Them All My Days, they had merely blown half-time.  It took only twenty years, along with a punitive peace treaty, governments using its terms to exact vengeance on Germany, and the general world economic collapse of the Great Depression (combined with the massive financial mistakes of the German government during and after the war), to open the path for the instigators of the next great war ….

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On Veterans Day

Veterans Day

Taken at The Wall, November 11, 2008.

The Purple Heart you see here is legitimate in a sense, though I have never served in the armed forces.  I wear this sometimes, both RL and SL, as a tribute to my father, who served in the 329th Infantry during World War II, and was wounded in France.

While “the last argument of kings” is never a desirable thing (except to madmen), there are times when the men and women of a country have stepped forward to serve that country’s needs.  I salute them and their memory on this day.

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