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Where are the Scribes of Avilion?

My request for links to bloggers writing about the Avilion regions, similar to the number of Caledon bloggers I’ve found, has met with a deafening silence.  Even with the surge in visits I’ve enjoyed lately, no comments have been dropped pointing me in a direction.  Nobody has come back to a request placed on the SL Bloggers Google Group, either; the same with a request in the Linden-run Forums.  Short of dropping notecards on officers and members of the Avilion Order, I’m running out of ideas to find any.

This is curious to me.  Knowing the tendency of Residents to wax free with opinions and general chatter in blogs, and seeing how much the Caledonians enjoy writing about their semi-immersive RP lands, I would think there would be more peopel chronicling their lives as lords, ladies, elves, and etc. in these fantasy-oriented realms.  And, actually, the same may be said for those who reside in the Elven Hames, as I refer to them.  Not one word have I discovered for that genre in all my tag surfing and link scanning.

Strange for groups wishing to live such lives.  True, a good deal of the history of such genres was orally transmitted; but there were those who practiced the written form o f recording events all the way back to the cultures of the Fertile Crescent.  We would know little of the Dark or Middle Ages, where sword-and-sorcery fantasies originate, if not for people who wrote this information down, leaving a permanent record for us today.

Where then, o lords and ladies, reside the Chroniclers of the Avilion Isles?  Do they simply hide their talent beneath a bushel, or do any exist at all?

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Posted February 10, 2008 by Harper Ganesvoort in Meta

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Any Avilion Blogs?

A quick note before I leave for RL work: is any reader aware of blogs written for the Avilion regions, similar to the Caledonian blogs in the sidebar? I have the one for the Avilion Order already, but cannot find any Residential blogs, so to speak. If you know of one, please leave the name and the URL in a comment, or send it to me at the E-mail link in my sidebar. And thanks much!

Posted January 31, 2008 by Harper Ganesvoort in Meta

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Discovering the Diversity of Second Life Blogs

As I’m building this blog, and finding additional links to add to my blogroll, I’m discovering that certain areas and subjects have strong followings all their own. Fashion is one of these, not surprisingly; and a separate page might be devoted to SLURLs of stores and boutiques in the future.

Another popular subject for SL blogs: the themed role-playing zones. All of SL is a form of role-playing, of course (though it rarely feels like it!); but the themed zones are something special. The oldtimers, as well as anyone who’s done their research, will know of some of the most popular out of hand: the Gorean sims (which I have little or no intention of exploring), the Elven hames (which I have explored, and will report on in the future!), and the Avilion cluster. What takes me by surprise is the set of blogs devoted to the Independent State of Caledon — that set of regions that recreate Victorian England and Europe, with a strong steampunk flavor attached. I’ve discovered two blogs on my own by searching through Technorati tags, and their own blogrolls do nothing but offer more.

I’ll probably end up devoting another page just to Caledon, since the concept appeals to me greatly. And this brings to mind a concept I’ve worked on with another subgroup of bloggers: creating an interconnected, themed blog directory. I have yet to discover — at least to date — a directory or sticker devoted to Second Life bloggers (aside from the Google Group for SL blog writers, and that’s a discussion forum). Yet another static page on this blog may become devoted to creating such a directory. Watch this space for more information.

Meet Me at Frank’s Place

I was debating on what to write about first. After all, I’ve visited a lot of places in just six weeks. But then the news broke just as I was rezzing in the other night to this location, and I decided to make this article a present to some acquaintances.

You see far more clubs designed for dancing and raving the night away in Second Life than gathering places for dancing to other kinds of music. The options exist, though; you just have to search for them. I found 288 places with the keyword “ballroom” in Place Search — meaning here “a place for dancing and socialization in a formal setting.” (Some of these can be disqualified, as they’re borrowing the word for their own purposes, such as the Gothic Ballroom — a £2,500 prefab building for sale.) A few are very familiar, having been published in books and other sources; the Avilion Castle in Avilion Grove is probably the most famous, followed by Baccara Rhodes’ Stardust Ballroom. But other possibilities are there, and are more heavily and frequently populated. So if you’re looking for fun to the music my employer calls “pop standards,” running from swing to Sinatra, the first club I’d recommend is Frank’s Place.

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