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Reblogging ECLIPSE Magazine – Berry Singh

You probably saw Harper’s piece a while back about my not being able to write much for the blog anymore.  The good news is that things aren’t quite as drastic as I may have led her to think.  It’ll still be fun to get some time for writing, but it probably won’t be any worse than I already am, lol.

Anyway, when I let the boss know I’m still available, she asked me to do a fast one to link to the current issue of Eclipse Magazine.  Their cover story this month, written by Cajsa Lilliehook of It’s Only Fashion, is on Strawberry Singh.  But it’s not the usual fashion piece, like you’d see in the past on her (I’ve done some checking).  Berry is one of the more prominent and outspoken women within Second Life working for preservation of women’s and immigrant rights.  This lets her in for a lot of “criticism” — if you can really call it that.  Please be sure to read the article.

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Omni-Blogging: MSO, Hair Fair, Collabor88 & a Tinting Tutorial | Its Only Fashion

Cajsa Lillliehook, one of my old friends here in Second Life, gives a good look at goodies from this cycle of Collabor88, and throws in a quick tutorial on tinting for newbies (or oldbies who need a refresher).  Rush over and read!

Omni-Blogging: MSO, Hair Fair, Collabor88 & a Tinting Tutorial | Its Only Fashion.


Cajsa Lilliehook On How to Enjoy Hair Fair

hair fair 2013

Hair Fair will be opening in about 90 minutes from when I’m writing this. And, like many years, advice abounds on how to work your way through this most popular of SL fashion events with a minimum of stress. Cajsa Lilliehook of It’s Only Fashion has, like me, seen five of these events, and will be attending her sixth now. And Cajsa’s article has some excellent, easy advice. If you read that, you’ll make your life much simpler as you walk the Lego-strewn paths of this year’s Hair Fair.


Giving Credit Where It Is Due | Its Only Fashion

To credit, or not to credit:  that is the question….  I think you should credit everything that you possibly can.  The only thing I don’t, usually, is the poses, since I don’t normally use only one set of poses in my fashion shoots, and I have no easy way of tracking which ones I do with the HUDs I employ.  I can take, if I’m really driven, perhaps 25-30 shots that I will winnow through for the best 5-6, and so I lose any relation to the pose creators in the process.  I apologize to them here and now, because I know they put in as much hard work as do the clothing or hair or makeup designers to create something special.

But it is a good idea to credit everything you can; and Cajsa Lilliehook offers a suggestion here on how to do it fairly easily:

Giving Credit Where It Is Due | Its Only Fashion

Looking For Someplace To Do Photos?

Then check out Second Sites, a venue blog written by Cajsa Lilliehook of It’s Only Fashion.  Cajsa and Gidge do a lot of location work, and they’ve found lots of great sites over time.  Land permissions are usually listed below a photo of each location, along with keywords or a brief description.  This Tumblr blog will help your search for the perfect location shoot!

Red Lip Wednesday Redux — The Enchantress

I slapped together the two photos I posted Wednesday for Cajsa Lilliehook’s Red Lip Wednesday Challenge in a half-hour before having to get ready for work.   I must have done a better job in 30 minutes than I thought, because I got a fave on the post.  Here’s four more, with the local effects finally kicking in, and a touch more makeup to improve the look.

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(Stop the slideshow, right-click and select “View image” or equivalent to see the larger image.)

And here are, as ever in demand —


The details:

  • Skin:  [PXL] Candy SK NE NudeLips MEB
  • Eyes:  Sterling Artistry Jeweled Eyes (rose quartz)
  • Hair:  Analog Dog Delora (cherry) [An old style, and possibly the curliest hairdo on the Grid, though I’m sure I haven’t exhausted all the possibilities]
  • Costume:  Deviance Enchantress (Onyx; includes the staff I’m holding)
  • Boots:  R2 Pumehana Ioa boots (black)
  • Makeup (in order of application):  [sYs] EPSILON – Graphyc eyes (blue); Glamorize Tribal Touch eyeshadow (Gilded); *BOOM* Love my eyes Liner and Mascara (medium thickness); Glamorize Dirty Babe Lips (Bleeding Fire –a glowing shiny red)

Red Lip Wednesday — Kukulkan

Fast addition for Cajsa Lilliehook’s Red Lip Wednesday challenge. More information later, when I get home from work!

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