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Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Partially lazy, that is.  I’m kicking back here, relaxing before the events Monday, when the cavern you see down and behind me there will have guests — the Holy Family.  It’s time for the Anglican Cathedral in Second Life’s annual Advent Posadas, when members of the parish host statues of Mary and Joseph as they make their way toward Bethlehem — or, in this case, the cathedral, where they will be on display throughout the twelve days of Christmas.

All are welcome to come visit the Holy Family; the statues will be staying overnight, and I’ll pass them on to the next host on Wednesday.  Watch this space, or my timelines on Plurk, Twitter, Google+ and Facebook for the coordinates, and the time of the actual handover to me on Monday, and the passing on Tuesday.  While people are there, until I need to go to RL work, there’ll be conversation (and beer) for all.


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