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CNN iReport Features Well-Known Second Life Region

Train to Alexanderplatz -- next stop, Berlin 1924. Please be dressed right for your arrival!

CNN’s Web site carried an iReport on September 24 with a good, in-depth tour of the 1920s Berlin Project, the recreation of Weimar Berlin in a sim.  The group has found the wherewithal to acquire their own sim now, which gives proprietress Jo Yardley much more room to work in.  If you haven’t experienced this loving recreation of a past world, I’d encourage you to hit the SLurl, pick up some walking clothes from the freebie vendors or the stores surrounding the Teleportplatz, and take the train into the city.  (It is also suggested that you reduce your avatar’s height to a more normal level than most avatars stand at, if you can edit your shape.)  As the story relates, among the high points of the build are the only full-size recreation of the Brandenburg Gate (Brandenburger Tor) in Second Life 1, correctly positioned at the end of the Unter den Linden; and, of course, Der Kellar, the Project’s fabulous nightclub.

1 The picture I published recently of me in Berlin (on the anniversary of the Berlin Wall) was in a different sim, not the Project.  The giveaway to that is that I’m wearing modern clothes in the picture.

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CNN iReport Still In World

Tymmerie Thorne let us know some days ago (July 9) that CNN is still maintaining its virtual presence on the Grid.  CNN iReports from in world have made it occasionally onto the RL broadcasts, and are the only remaining Real World avenue of reportage (to my knowledge) left since Reuters chose to bug out from Second Life.  (Other journalism areas, like BBC World, are more advertising sites and venues than anything else, in my opinion.)  If you’re interested in filing a CNN iReport, go to Tymmerie’s article at the link above and check out what she has to say, and pick up the SLurl to drop into the island.

Second Life Bleeding Into CNN’s Real Life

It’s absolutely wild and weird.

For some reason, my traffic has been spiking lately, and a lot of it is due to two articles I’ve written:  one on the custom Droxine gown I commissioned from Hanalyn Ferrer — understandable if people are looking for photos of the original — and one commenting on the Grid banks closure last year.

The big one right now is the bank article.  I had 32 looks at it yesterday, and 56 to this point today (noon SLT).  And I wondered where the burp in traffic was coming from, since we have mostly weathered the financial storm in world as far as I know.  WordPress keeps good statistics, so I poked through my blog stats, and found a link from CNN Search.  The rest of the items on the search page tied in to bank closures — Real World bank closures.

Folks, I’d suggest you don’t come to me for RL financial advice.  I can barely keep my own RL finances in trim at times.

The good thing:  it’s driving my traffic closer to 10,000 (grin).

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