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Ari Blackthorne Waxes Deeper on SL Content Theft

Last week, I did a pure news piece (no opinion on my part in the main article) on the launch of a movement and linked blog called Step UP.  The purpose of this, founded by Saffia Widdershins of Prim Perfect, is to urge Linden Lab into what sufferers consider meaningful action on the problem of content theft.

I received 3 responses to the article, including a long thoughtful one from Ari Blackthorne of Common|Sensible.  His basic take was that, unless a meaningful alternative can be offered, all of this is simply sound and fury, signifying nothing; and this is the way it will remain for now, due to the nature of the Internet and the World Wide Web, on which basis Second Life is erected.

It comes down to the whole reason DRM (Digital Right Management) is a useless farce. Because if you can see it or hear it – you can copy it. The same is true with anything and everything on the Internet – including inside any virtual world (Second Life, too).

Ari has since expanded on this comment, as well as his response to my response, in an article of his own at Common|Sensible.  It makes for some thought-provoking reading, and I would urge anyone who is taking a side in the debate to read, digest and consider.

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