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Glueing My Hair Back On

This is what I looked like today, when I was desperately trying to add a texture to Second Life so I could do a shot of something in my Secret (Public) Photo Studio.  Every time — every time — I hit Control-U, or chose from the menu, it didn’t matter which, I’d get a Windows Thinking dooley-bob wheel, then a notice that a crash was being reported to Second Life.  Checking with people on Plurk and one of the helpful groups in world gave me no clue; it was suggested that I clear my cache, which I did, but I’d already cleared it yesterday.  It didn’t matter which client I was on, either; Firestorm choked and died as bad as Linden (which I actually prefer right now for the most part).

I finally tried searching for an answer — and the Tablet fell on me from the sky with a great granitic ga-thump.  A slight digression that will make sense very shortly:  I’m my church’s Webmaster in real life.  I’m also something of the go-to girl for passing church photos to the man in charge of our Facebook page, and I tend to pass a lot of photos at a time — more than most e-mail services will accept.  So I started using Microsoft’s SkyDrive service.  I upload photos or a zipped folder to SkyDrive, and the Facebook guy downloads them, easy-peasy.  Now here’s the key thing:  a few days ago, to improve the workings, I added the SkyDrive app to Windows; it creates a folder that you can drop stuff into, and it’ll be automagically uploaded to the SkyDrive service.

Well, it turns out Second Life and that app don’t like each other.  For some Strange Reason, the call for the upload folder and file from the client bangs into the SkyDrive app, and crashes the program.  A simple fix — just uninstall the app.  I’m back in business — literally, too, because Harper’s Art needs the upload ability to create my prints!

A Real Bang-up in RL

Well, I had some fun last Friday in Real Life, and so did my children — not.

I was driving down the highway to my home, after a fun day swimming at a public pool with the Daughter and Son, and with a pan full of two slabs of Dreamland ribs for the SO (who is a rib fiend). We were coming up on a pretty open corner, when some woman comes blundering out just as I’m approaching. I tried to swerve around, but she kept on a-comin’, and there was no way to avoid the crash.

The other driver was in a vintage 90s land yacht; she got her left front stove in. My 2005 car — which had just had body work from a fender bender with the SO last month! — well, me and the kids were safe, thank God. The kids came through with nary a scratch, in fact. I took the worst; I have two big bruises across my right chest and belly, and one side aches from strained muscles. But I’m alive, and that’s what counts. I can live with a totaled car, and we’re already shopping for a replacement. (I hope I can come up with a decent down payment….)

I’m glad I’m still able to report to you here, and I’m sincerely thankful to God for pulling my hide out of the fourth wreck I’ve participated in within 50 years.

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What’s Everyone Got Against the Lindens?

It’s truly amazing how much discontent I hear and see around the Grid and the SL-‘sphere about Linden Lab, much of it aimed toward the loss of operations that strike periodically.

Of course, it’s not surprising people will gripe. If you’re in the middle of a good talk or dance with a sexy fellow Resident, or in the middle of (wink, wink) other things, and you’re suddenly booted out or your region is reset, you’re going to be mad. It’s even worse if you’re doing actual business, like many people use Second Life for. Imagine a presentation going on, and you suddenly go etherware. Not fun! And it has to be admitted that SL does have an amazing number of bugs and crashes at times.

But is that surprising, people? Think of where the technology is — even with the number of MMORPGs in existence already, we’re still in the toddler stage of development at best. And I’ve never seen a time when the Resident counter isn’t sitting around at least 35,000 people logged in. All those people are walking/flying/dancing/having sex/riding horses/streaming music and video/flipping prim hair and skirts…well, I hope you get the idea. All that action puts a heavy burden, not to say a strain, on the sims at the best of times. In a busy region, like Franks Place or a big sale by a couturiere, the sim computer has to do calculations and draw pictures for 40-45 Residents at a shot. Timesharing has its limits at this level of the technology, my friends — although it’s a hell of a lot better than in the early days, of course. But graphics-intensive services such as Second Life means a need for not just megaflops, but maybe teraflops, of computing power. Nobody has that yet — unless the Guvmint in Washington isn’t talking (fnord).

I’ve read Snow Crash (the parallels are what drew me to Second Life), and know how the Metaverse is supposed to operate. But if we’re expecting anything less than a roomful of supercomputers to keep up with all the demands we place on the Lindens’ systems, then (not to put too fine a point on it) we’re terribly spoiled and stuck in instant-gratification mode.

Let’s cut the Lindens at least a little slack, okay? Instead of grouching about how much the Grid is down, think about how much it is usually up, and how well it does then….

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