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Haiti Earthquake

The news is pretty well spread around by now of the disastrous earthquake in Haiti.  A country already in a constant state of teetering on the edge has been given another shove by a magnitude 7.0 quake and the associated aftershocks.

Contributions are welcomed at the site of the American Red Cross, as well as other reputable charities.  I myself would recommend Episcopal Relief and Development, whose banner I keep in my sidebar constantly.  I know that all administrative expenses for ER & D are taken care of by a fully-funded endowment, so 100% of contributions are put to the goal designated.  They have set up a Haiti fund that you can contribute to from this page.

If you wish to do something in a more practical mode, you can knit or crochet, and you’re a member of Ravelry, the online home of fiber crafters, start going through your old, undedicated yarn and knitting afghan squares.  A group has sprung up on Ravelry to take all squares sent in and sew them into blankets for forwarding to Haiti.  A few people have put up patterns, but it doesn’t have to be fancy; I have some yarn I’m destashing this way, and I’m just whipping out a square in garter stitch (simple knit).  If you don’t belong to Ravelry, it’s easy to join and free.


Relaxing before the fire at Yarnation

Another great hangout for knitters:  Yarnation.  Home to the knitters’ group from Ravelry, the well-known fiber-arts site, Yarnation invites people to come in, pull out their needles and start stitchin’ and bitchin’.

Dropped Stitch Cafe, Caledon II

The Dropped Stitch Cafe is a coffeehouse in the Caledons, and is a lovely place for knitters and crocheters.  Basket chairs and couches all about a blazing fireplace, a nice espresso machine (remember, Victorian-styled Caledon is steampunk, so this is quite acceptable), and look at the two yarn racks behind me!  There’s at least one more to my right (your left) that’s out of shot.  There’s even free knitting needles on the mantel.

(By the way, did you know that Queen Victoria crocheted?  It’s very much certain that she did; a British Army regiment, the Queen’s Royal Surrey Regiment, received several scarves crocheted by Her Majesty and presented to various people, four of them to servicemen.  More details, and pictures, can be found at the regimental site.)

If you’re interested in visiting, I would urge Victorian dress; but, as I recall, most folk in Caledon aren’t sticky about visitors observing the dress code.  Just be polite if there’s a Caledonian in house with you, and dig something out of Inventory if they do request.

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