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Remember the Doll Design Vogue?

Does anyone remember the brief meme craze that ran through Second Life Residents a few years ago, when we were all checking out various games at Doll Divine?  I did a few of those, and I recently came across those old photos again.

Wanting to see what I could come up with fresh, off I went.  Not only did I find the “Modern Mucha” game, which I liked so much for its utter femininity, but I ran into another game that let you dress up in clothes similar to some of the classic fashions designed by Erté for Harper’s Bazaar in the Twenties (or create your own take on the available pieces).  Here’s my latest pseudo-Mucha —

New Mucha

This could pass quite nicely today, I think!  The long, flowing strapless skirt, the dangling beadwork at several points giving glitter and accent to the gown, and the gauzy overskirt and matching stole work very well.

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