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Harper Does Fashion for Life in One Night

And that was hard work, friend.  Nine sims worth of stores!  I was pooped by the time I got back to the penthouse, and I almost immediately changed and went to bed.  But I managed to get a look before everything closes, and bought enough to make my inventory start groaning again.  (I really need to throw out all the older dresses, I guess; it’s ridiculous to hang on to stuff ad infinitum when you keep buying.)

Any road, I’ll be writing in a day or two (by the plan at least) on two purchases I made today:  one at the fair, and another elsewhere as I was exploring.  Both are fabulous; one has the added attraction of getting money in the hands of the American Cancer Society.

Good night to all for now — or good morning, if you read this in a few hours.  I’ll be hard at work by then in RL. (grin)

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