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Frank’s Place Now Has a Web Site

I’ve just been informed by special express that Frank’s Place, which I’ve described in these pages, now has its own RL Web site. Why not give them a visit, and learn more about one of the swingin’ places on the Grid!


Meet Me at Frank’s Place

I was debating on what to write about first. After all, I’ve visited a lot of places in just six weeks. But then the news broke just as I was rezzing in the other night to this location, and I decided to make this article a present to some acquaintances.

You see far more clubs designed for dancing and raving the night away in Second Life than gathering places for dancing to other kinds of music. The options exist, though; you just have to search for them. I found 288 places with the keyword “ballroom” in Place Search — meaning here “a place for dancing and socialization in a formal setting.” (Some of these can be disqualified, as they’re borrowing the word for their own purposes, such as the Gothic Ballroom — a £2,500 prefab building for sale.) A few are very familiar, having been published in books and other sources; the Avilion Castle in Avilion Grove is probably the most famous, followed by Baccara Rhodes’ Stardust Ballroom. But other possibilities are there, and are more heavily and frequently populated. So if you’re looking for fun to the music my employer calls “pop standards,” running from swing to Sinatra, the first club I’d recommend is Frank’s Place.

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