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Beachin’ on Independence Day

For this July 4th, I’m trotting out an old favorite.  Why?  Because it’s patriotic, it’s better looking than others I’ve had the chance to shop for — and when better than the Fourth of July to serve up a little cheesecake (grin)?

Happy 236th Birthday, United States!

Happy Fourth of July!


I hope your July 4 is a good one, and that you remember all that this RL country means to us here in the United States!

The details:

Standard shape/skin set 1 (see the Fashion page)

  • Hair:  Sinsation Liberty (red/blonde tips; Sinnocent Mirabeau)
  • Bikini:  SWIM Patriotic Pair (red/white top, blue brief; Ianni Lane)
  • Boots:  B&G Sendra (two sets — red [rojo] on left, blue [azul] on right; BG Planer)

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