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Kirstens Viewer Crowdfunder Still Only At 22%

I was going back through old articles tonight, and decided to check up on the Crowdfunder project to raise money for continued development and support of Kirstens Viewer.  You may recall that KirstenLee Cinquetti (the avatar of RL Lee Quick) had to drop development of the viewer to focus on RL obligations.  Lee has been hoping that Crowdfunder may help raise the £25,000 needed to support living expenses and development costs.  As of November 1, the drive had reached only 13% of that goal.

Checking tonight, I find that the drive is still woefully behind desired goals, at only 22%, or £5,500 (US$8,500, or €6,400).  According to the page, there are only 22 days left in the drive (though I am unsure if KirstenLee can extend it or roll it over into a new drive).  If you have a few spare bucks, consider stopping by and contributing to someone who developed an excellent third-party viewer and never asked for more than beer money in world.


Crowdfunder for Kirstens Viewer at 13%, Needs Lots More Donations

A short note before I head off for RL work.  Many of you know that a Crowdfunder campaign has been set up for KirstenLee Cinquetti to give her the wherewithal to keep working on Kirstens Viewer 1. Crowdfunder is the site that allows you to contribute toward goals for financing projects, of course; the best example of this is the recent success in funding an ex-Linden with $5,000 to fix the mesh question for us.

Ham Au at New World Notes reports on the progress here for KirstenLee:  only 13% of the £25,000 goal right now.  That’s about $40,000.  You can find out more at Ham’s article, but I hope you’ll consider donating toward the goal yourself.  KirstenLee had to stop work because her RL partner is ill, and they need this cash to finance them if she is to continue on the project.


1 (Yes, I know KirstenLee is a man in RL, but he identifies as a woman from what I’ve seen in SL, and so he is a she here.  This isn’t the important thing.)

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Kirstens Viewer Shutting Down Development

Sad news comes to me via Plurk:  KirstenLee Cinquetti has chosen to pull the plug on her development of Kirstens Viewer, a long-time third-party alternative to the official Linden viewer for Second Life.  In her article announcing her choice at her blog, KirstenLee cites personal RL needs — Dawny (her partner, I believe) has had health problems for some time, and has needed to quit work, which means KirstenLee is becoming the breadwinner now.

This is a sad thing for me as well.  Kirstens Viewer was my viewer of choice for a long time.  More important, though, is that KirstenLee have the chance to stabilize things at home and focus on RL.  I thank her for her hard, unpaid work over these past few years, and wish her and Dawny the best.  Hopefully she will be able to resume development at a later time.

Thanks to Daniel Voyager for the plurk.

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