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Skating Party

Photographed in Hollyee (Starlight Shores region)

First Snows

Photographed in Footprints in the Snow 2 region.  This is mainly a seasonal residential sim (with small houses for rent), but it has some nice public areas for attempts at photography.

Full-size wallpaper at my Flickr stream

Southern Typhoon

Photograph by Diana Myeong, © 2018

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Evening On the Plain of Jars


Journey to Alurel

Travel to the Kingdom, if these photos interest you.

Alurel 1

More following the break.

Torii Sunset, Taka no Sakura

Torii Sunset, Taka no Sakura

Teleport to Taka no Sakura.

signature 3

Moonlight Estuary

Posted November 8, 2012 by Harper Ganesvoort in Arts, Photographs

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