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Station Map

I figured it was time to get the layout of my starbase somewhat formalized, so I spent some time learning a few tricks with GIMP, and I came up with this “subway map”-style illustration of the layout:

station map -- 08-15-2014 upload

If some of the terms are weird to you, such as “Grand Council” or “Ard Taòisha,” fear not; you need to be reading my stories (which I still hope to publish one day) to know everything going on here.  If I ever get those stories up, you’ll have a chance to learn them for yourself.

I felt it was logical to divide the station into its proper functions, and assigned a color code to each area.  (Gee, I wonder where I got some of the colors from…?)1  Not everything I want is in the station yet, and so this map will certainly change as time goes on, and as I discover and fix mistakes.  (I’ve already added in something since I made this, and discovered one spelling error [sigh], so I already need to go back and fix things.)


1 And yes, I know you’re probably used to the colors being assigned differently.  Remember, in the Star Trek I grew up with, “Command wore gold, Engineering wore red–”  “And the women wore less.”  (Deep Space Nine, “Trials and Tribbleations.”)

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Historical SL Map Exhibit At New Kadath Art Gallery

Many of you know this map — of the two primary Mainland continents, Sansara and Heterocera.

And you’re usually familiar with this physical map as well.  (I recall this before Zindra was a part of the grid.)

But only real old-timers, about as old as Second Life, will remember this map:

This was the first physical map of Second Life, back when it was far easier to put together a map at all — only 16 regions.  I have no proof that Da Boom is the first region, the one where Philip laid down his mighty Hand and said (WHAP!!!!)

Okay, I’ve been informed that I’m getting a little messianic here.  Anyway, this is what it looked like way back when.  And this map is just one in a substantial display of maps of the Grid, put up for display in a temporary exhibit of Grid cartography.  I caught a plurk from Second Life headquarters, so to speak, mentioning this exhibit; it’s being held at the New Kadath Lighthouse Art Gallery, and is curated by Juliana Lethdetter from her personal collection.

The exhibit includes more historical maps, a very brief recital of the legend of Magellan Linden, the man responsible for the discovery of the Grid (it is said), and selections of maps from various groups scattered about Second Life.  Very instructional, a fascinating tour (I didn’t know a thing about the Second Life Coast Guard, for instance), and well worth the visit.

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