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Lest we forget….

As I’m tired, and need to get a short nap in before work today, this will be mostly photos.  But the photos will say most of the words here, aside from this —

Beyond the fact that tomorrow will be Memorial Day in the United States RL as well as observed by many USA Residents in Second Life, we should also remember that this December will be the 70th anniversary of America’s entry into what became the Second World War.  In the Real World, the living memory of those years is rapidly fading as our parents and grandparents, those who Tom Brokaw referred to as the “Greatest Generation,” pass away.  Today or tomorrow, be sure to call or visit with them and thank them for all that they did, both then and after; speak with them, if they’re willing, of those days, and remember and record their memories, so that we shall always know what they did to save a world.

This, and all photographs following the break were shot at the virtual recreation of the World War II Memorial in WW2 Pacific. I hope you will visit, and that you will contribute to its upkeep when you do.

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