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Second Life Churches — Saint Magnus Kirk

The region of Hinterland Orkney takes its looks and atmosphere from the RL Orkney Islands off the northern coast of Scotland.  You cannot call it a desolate place, depending on what part you’re in; but it is rocky and hilly, and the North Sea climate is not given to large stands of trees together.  It’s a perfect place for something like Saint Magnus Kirk.  Built out of the local rock, the church is dedicated to the martyred Lord Magnus of Orkney, and was built in memory of the friend of the landowner.  It’s surrounded by a churchyard given to graves and memorials.

Interior, with flags of the Orkney Islands, Scotland and Great Britain.

This is not a church with a regular congregation; rather, it’s a place of prayer, of meditation and memorial.  The two slabs to the sides of the altar are memorial “plaques,” and the owner is willing to add reasonable monuments for others, up to 4 prims total.

Note here the wall carving with a candle burning beneath it; I would say, based on the inscription above it — “Saint Magnus, pray for us” — that this is a memorial to the saint himself.

Call for Pictures of SL and Veterans or Veterans Day

The American Veterans Day is coming up in a little under a month.  As I believe I’ve mentioned elsewhere, I have a special appreciation for this day because of my late father, who served in World War II and was wounded in Europe.

Last year, I founded a Flickr group dedicated to photos of veterans’ and similar service memorials in Second Life.  Please consider this an invitation to add your own photos to the group if you’re a Flickr member.  Pictures can be your personal tribute to their service as a whole, or for an individual in your own RL, or simply a shot of some memorial area on the Grid.  My only criteria are that they be on the Grid, appropriate to the theme, and no nudity or advertising.  Submissions don’t need to be restricted to American servicemen; there’s one shot of a recreation of the British Cenotaph from World War I — now apparently gone, as I understand.

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