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2012 Breast Cancer Awareness Calendar

My blog photo from last year


Late word hit me while I was shopping at Bliss this afternoon that the 2012 Breast Cancer Awareness Calendar will be put together soon.  The theme this year is “Shirtless Against Breast Cancer,” and the group is taking submissions up through the deadline of October 1, 6:00 p.m. SLT.  See below for the notecards I received from Maggie Hawksby….


2012 SABC Submissions Notice

Yes, it is that time again! Can you believe this is the third year for the calendars? First, a little history, for the new residents…
October is Recognized as Breast Cancer Awareness Month in America, and back in July 2008, the staff of the Consulate was knocking about fund raising and awareness ideas, when the idea for a calendar came up. Now, if you know the people who were at that meeting, it would be obvious who mentioned Shirtless O’clock. One thing lead to another, and now we are gearing up for the third year of taking it off to raise eyebrows, awareness and funds. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing the most reliable, complete, and up-to-date information about breast cancer.  In past years, we were able to donate L$30,000 (at last year’s exchange rate, that was $120 USD) to the cause. Every little bit helps, and with your help, we can do more this year.
The shots not selected for the calendars will be included in the coffee-table book, so everyone will be represented somewhere. You may – and indeed, are strongly encouraged – to submit several different poses. Seasonal poses might increase your chances of being included in one of the calendars, and general poses are always welcome for the book.

Your inclusion in either depends on the submission fitting the technical requirements:
1) Submissions should be e-mailed to No submissions should be sent in-world. Please make sure to include your name with the e-mail.
2) These should be 2048 x 2048 SQUARE PNGs. (Best to choose “Save to hard drive” and select “Custom” to get the proper 2048×2048 shot.)
3) Please keep the composition TASTEFUL – Art, not smut, please.
4) No Minors. Diminutive adults are fine, but we wish to stay legal with this. Legal-age avatars only for values of the American legal system (18 years old or older), no exceptions, not even for time travellers.
5) Submissions are to be sent to  BEFORE 6:00 pm SLT on 1 October 2011. LATE Submissions will not be considered.

Magdalena Kamenev, SABC Calendar Editor
Consulate of Europa Wulfenbach


Hello there, folks!  I know I handed out a big old submissions card to a variety of communities, but here are some things worth emphasizing:

1) Do I HAVE to be half-naked for the calendar?

Nope!  While the theme is “Shirtless Against Breast Cancer,” you are not required to be topless to be a participant.

2) Are men welcome to submit photos? What about furs? Bio-mechanical hybrids or robots? Tinies? People from outside Steelhead/Caledon/Consulate of Europa Wulfenbach?

Heck, yeah!  We want a rich selection of models to show the diversity and beauty of Steamlands denizens.

3) What about kid avs?

Sadly, no. Adult alts or “aged up” avs who appear over 18 are welcome, though.

4) When’s the deadline again?

Saturday, October 1st, 6:00 pm SLT

5) What exactly are you looking for?

The notecard says, “Art, not porn.”  Classy, saucy shots.  You can look sexy, ethereal, innocent, natural or slightly naughty.  Remember, this is for charity!

6) Charity?

Yes. The proceeds from the calendar (and book) sales will go to (

7) I’m not good with photos?  Can anyone help me?

Sure!  The Steamlands are chockful of wonderful photographers — ask around.  Two wonderful photographers have offered their services for those looking for assistance with their submissions — Lady Patty Poppy (Autopilotpatty Poppy) and Miss Aoi (Alana Steamweaver).  Miss Aoi’s card detailing her services is attached below.

8) Can I pick a month I want to be in?

You can suggest. Calendar staff will choose.  Having a setting that matches your request (or at least a particular season) helps.

9) I have more questions — who do I talk to?

IM Magdalena Kamenev — I’ll try to help you where I can.


For the Cure — Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Probably NSFW, though completely tasteful; be ready on the Boss Button.

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, now in its 26th year.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a woman or a man — yes, men can get breast cancer as well, though it’s better known in women — you should know the things to look for, and you should act quickly when you spot any suspicious signs.

Please support the cancer charity of your choice in your area, and let’s help to fight this dangerous disease!  On the Grid, a “Boobiethon” was organized by Her Grace the Lady Eva Bellambi, with better than US$1,500 raised for the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

I suppose some wag out there will shout “Save the Boobs!” at some point; but, in this case, that’s quite appropriate.  Even us pixilated pictures of pulchritude have real-life operators behind the keyboard, and a good chunk of us probably know of, are related to, or have suffered from breast cancer.  It is far from an ignorable disease, which is why the fight is ongoing today.  Jill Eikenberry, best known from L. A. Law, helped raise awareness in the late 1980s and early 1990s with her own fight against cancer; let’s help carry on the battle.

UPDATE, October 9, 12:32 p.m.: We Harpers are of one mind on this; Harper Beresford has written an excellent piece, much more profound than my own little touch here, at A Passion for Virtual Fashion.

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