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A Vicious Saturday Night

Vicious Studios was celebrating a grand opening, or re-opening, this past weekend. I was asked to do some guest-blogging for them while they were busy with the building and decorating, and Gidge Uriza invited me to the festivities in thanks for my small contributions.

Me at the Vicious PartyI was able to take her up on the opportunity for a party last night, the venue being their dance floor on top of a shark pen. (Well, they are Vicious.) The theme of the party was “Come dressed as you’d appear on American Idol,” and I’ll admit I stretched it quite a bit. I showed up in the “silver appliqué” top and pants I found in the Canada in SL mall (which I’ve been favoring quite a lot in my less formal times lately), hair like a celestial biker chick (Omayrah Silver from Sinsation), and the excellent dark silver skin from chroma — yes, that’s how it’s spelled if you search them up. Gidge said I looked fantastic, and I think I heard at least one jaw drop — virtually, of course.

The music was hot, spun by disc jockey DJRobyn Writer, and Robyn was hot herself in a set of royal blue silks that had me voting for her in the best-dressed woman contest. And whoever programmed their dance system was a master; I was doing moves I’ve never seen, or dreamed of, before, while the entire crew danced along in almost simultaneous formation. Partway through, Vic, the owner, put in an appearance, complete with his guns; Vic likes guns, you see (grin). When he started shooting them — over our heads, I emphasize; the man’s not a lunatic to drive away his customers — I rezzed up a katana and wore it on my belt for the rest of the night. It actually seemed the thing to do, since the rest of the Vicious staff had all pulled guns as well, and were dancing with them. I felt a little undressed without some weapon, even if it was a prop sword….

En fin, a splendid time was had by all, many sweepstakes prizes were awarded from the sim’s merchants, and I ended up in a 3-way time for best-dressed woman with Arcadia Nightfire and one of the Durants (I can’t remember which, but congratulations!)!! A cool £300 and several of the raffle-ball prizes, plus that dancing, made for a very nice night.

More photos are available at my Flickr stream.

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