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Kiss’s Prelude

I believe if I should die,
And you should kiss my eyelids when I lie
Cold, dead, and dumb to all the world contains,
The folded orbs would open at thy breath,
And, from its exile in the isles of death,
Life would come gladly back along my veins.

— From Creed, by Mary Ashley Townsend

I’m doing a little experimentation with some photos I have in accumulation.  I like the impressionist brush effect here, which took some experimentation with the filter in Paint Shop Pro to achieve.

16 SL Storage Box Pictures for the Price of 1

Mar over at SL for Nowt has come up with ideas that let you stretch your Linden dollar until it screams in submission.  Here’s a really nifty one that I wish I’d come up with.  And all you need is a posing stand, good light, and a graphics program such as PhotoShop or Paint Shop Pro, or the various free ones out there!  This is great for organizing that insane midden known as your Inventory.

Let’s drop a hint — ever wish you could take a picture of yourself and put it on the box you stash your stuff in?  But that’s L$10 for each one.  So how about paying L$10 — for 16??

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