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Holiday Gown for 2008

It’s been a busy week or so in Real Life, and I haven’t had much chance to sit down and write about anything, most of all what I selected to wear for New Year’s Eve this year — assuming I have a chance to get back in world tonight.  But I squeezed out a few free moments, and so here we are:

The gown is Magpie from Paper Couture, and I think this has been rather sadly neglected this season, what with the other sensational pieces that Paper released.  The bodice is tightly wrapped black satin that shades toward cream and white as you go down the gown; while the prim skirt is composed of huge feathers, with a lovely long train behind.  It’s simpler than the other big gowns that were part of the same collection, yet just as elegant in that simplicity.

It’s always a debate with me whether to go for big jewelry or little.  I stuck with Paper for this gown; but the well-known multicolored necklace of tumbled stones just looked too much when I put it on here.  So I stayed with the elegant minimalism theme here, and pulled out a simple heirloom pendant on a fine gold chain, and a beautiful pair of Art Deco-inspired earrings, both in simple gold with no massive stones.  The simple touches were perfect for this, where the gown’s train and the hair are doing much of the speaking here.

Speaking of the hair, it’s called Spoiled from Pazazz — though I think I’ve seen two other name chains carrying this hair, under the same name and ad picture; so I’m wondering if maybe the designer is running three different store chains.  (I’m pretty sure that it’s not copied in this case.)  I’ve worn this before, with another shape/skin, and it’s even more elegant on the D-skin 36 combo I have on here.  And, going from the head to the feet, I have a pair of Stiletto Moody’s d’Orsay heels in “Badseed Red” for a splash of alternate color.  You can’t see them under the huge skirt; but, when you get twirled on the dance floor tonight, let those red red heels flash out!

Last, but never least, gloves.  This gown, especially tonight, demands gloves.  I’m wearing a pair from another outfit I happend to have on when I rezzed in; but your favorite opera-length gloves will fill the bill nicely.  The best gloves I’ve found so far are from Mimikri, and I purchased a fatpack set of all colors for a very reasonable price.  They come with prim cuffs for the perfect look.

Here’s hoping that your 2009 is fun, blessed, free of lag, and a lot more peaceful in Real Life than the past year has been.


The fast rundown:

Gloves:  Mimikri black gloves w/ prim cuffs
Shape/skin:  D-skin type 36
Eyes:  Curious Kitties Crystal (blue)
Gown:  Paper Couture Magpie
Shoes:  Stiletto Moody d’Orsay (Badseed Red)
Hair:  Pazazz Spoiled (Midnight in Diamond streaked)
Jewelry:  Paper Couture Art Deco earrings and Heirloom pendant

Photos taken at Planet Mongo (160,143,375); thanks to Lumiere Noir for a wonderful region!
Poses with CyberNetic BioEX AO and Tillie Ariantho’s Posing Stand 2.0 (standalone HUD)

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UK Couture — Phixion Suit

Going to Nicky Ree or other places can be fun and give you all sorts of nice fashions.  Quality textures, well built in the prim attachments, nice falls of skirts, and so on.  Then you see just how much you’ve spent, and the sticker shock sets in.  The price is often justified, of course; all that effort and creativity deserves its payment, and I won’t put them down too much if they want to get reimbursed for their time.  (Unless they’re charging like a bleedin’ madman.)

But who says you always have to pay top dollar to dress fantastic?  Take a look at UK Couture.  Stylish clothes that don’t shoot your budget in the foot; what more do you want?  As proof:


This outfit is called Phixion, which I have no idea what that means.  Does it matter?  It just looks good!  Black shirt, black pants (that actually cover my belly button!), and this lovely white jacket that I need to remember for other outfits in the future; and all for less than L$300, as I recall.


For a smashing day look, I teamed it with the Nif Nif gloves from LeeZu Baxter.  They’re actually longer than you see here; the sleeves of the jacket cover them up, of course.  And the hair is from Pazazz, who sells fatpacks for very nice prices; sadly, this style (Spoiled) seems to have disappeared.

Shape/skin: Luscious & Lords Katelyn
Suit: UK Couture Phixion for Ladies
Eyes: Curious Kitties Crystal Eyes
Gloves: LeeZu Baxter Nif Nif (black)
Hair: Pazazz Spoiled (Raven, Sapphire tips)
Shoes: Adam n Eve Serpenti (Diablo black)
Jewelry: Kimbra Celtic Cross necklace and earrings (separate packages); watch by Virtual Impressions

A few more pictures can be found at my Flickr stream.

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