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Tillie Ariantho on Photoshopping an SL photo

Tillie Ariantho is a very busy avatar.  From what I can see at her Flickr photo stream, she’s the go-to girl for event photography across Second Life, especially at fashion shows.  She also creates props for use in photo projects, several of which I have purchased from her and use in my work.

Now Tillie brings you some of her expertise in e-photography in a tutorial on Photoshopping an SL photo.  This article at her blog gives beginners the basics on taking a posed studio image and altering it to insert any background you have available.  Like many of us are familiar with, this is a “chroma key” process, in which a bright color unlike anything on the edges of the model is used as the background, and then is substituted for in the box.  I’ve used this a few times myself, with varying degrees of success, depending on the tools I have available.

Speaking of tools, Tillie’s tutorial is program-centric to Photoshop, which is not a surprising thing.  However, examining the article with a mind to your particular paint program can give you clues on how to adapt her instructions to your particular platform (Paint Shop Pro, GIMP, etc.)

I Need an Island-ectomy

Chrisy Jewell calls this photo there’s an error on my head — and she’s right.  (Perceptive folk — and those who have been there — will recognize a chunk of the intriguing landscape of Error region up there on Chrisy’s hair.)  Don’t try teleporting here; you’ll just crash and get your avatar all dusty.

16 SL Storage Box Pictures for the Price of 1

Mar over at SL for Nowt has come up with ideas that let you stretch your Linden dollar until it screams in submission.  Here’s a really nifty one that I wish I’d come up with.  And all you need is a posing stand, good light, and a graphics program such as PhotoShop or Paint Shop Pro, or the various free ones out there!  This is great for organizing that insane midden known as your Inventory.

Let’s drop a hint — ever wish you could take a picture of yourself and put it on the box you stash your stuff in?  But that’s L$10 for each one.  So how about paying L$10 — for 16??

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