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“This … is Lore”   1 comment

Writing from Nashville, Tennessee —

I’m giving myself a sort of real-life rezz-day present today … more like tonight, actually. I’ve traveled to Nashville with my daughter for a show.

(sounds of plunking banjos in the background, followed by a scratching record)

No, not that show, ya nimrods! (Although we should take a look at the Grand Ole Opry one day, I suppose ….) This will be a live “concert” performance of a show that took the podcast world by storm a few years ago, and has since spawned two related programs, a streaming-television series, and three books. All of this created by one man.

He’s Aaron Mahnke … and this is Lore.

Learn more lore on Lore; turn the page

I Need Me a Fireplace….

…a chalkline about four meters out from it, and a large glass of Bushmills (preferably the Black Bush!).

While catching up on the news, I passed through the front page of Ham Au’s New World Notes.  One of the stories from this week was about him talking about his new book with an in-world psychologist who runs a podcast.

The title of the article:  “Shrink Rapped.”

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