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Our Lady of the Bloomenveldt   Leave a comment

Jem sent me some photos she’d squeezed in recently, but didn’t have the chance to write up.  As it happened, I’d recently re-read Norman Spinrad’s Child of Fortune, which I recommend to you at some point; and the size of some of the flowers in LEA15’s Gardens By the Bay reminded me of that book.  If you don’t get the context of the quotations, I suggest you buy the book.  It is fun, it is erotic, and it will make you think about what our society could be like if we tried out the social philosophy of Sunshine’s Second Starfaring Age.

“Vraiment, all present here do surely know that the spirit of Belshazaar, the raison d’être for your own presence on this planet, resides not in this grim gray city of lifeless glass and stone, but across the sea atop the mighty Bloomenwald, where the great flowers exude the psychotropic substances upon which your economic vie depends, and which is the sole fame of Belshazaar among the far-flung worlds of men!”…

“I stand before you as one who has wandered deeper into the Bloomenveldt than any human spirit may safely go, who has walked among the fabled Bloomenkinder, seen the legendary Perfumed Garden of floral perfection, lost my élan humain to the puissant flowers, been rescued therefrom by the Pied Piper of the Bloomenveldt, and returned to this very corner upon which I now stand to regale you, good citizens of Ciudad Pallas, with this mighty tale!”…

“Hearken therefore to the tale of the Pied Piper of the Bloomenveldt! Learn of the wonders and terrors and the true nature of the forest of unreason upon which the very life of this city depends!  Hear of the bodhis of the Bloomenveldt!  Cringe at the depths to which the human spirit may descend!  Glory at the power of the Word to bring that selfsame spirit back from the ancestral flowers to full sapient awareness!  Listen to the tale of the Pied Piper of the Bloomenveldt…and in the process become once more true Children of our species’ Fortune on the Yellow Brick Road from tropism and determinism to sovereign captaincy of the great arkologies and gallant Void Ships which have made us the masters of the stars!”…

Norman Spinrad, Child of Fortune, chapter 25

Spinrad, Norman. Child of fortune. New York: Ballantine, 1985. Print. ISBN (original):  0765301555.  ISBN-13:  9780765301550.  PS3569.P55 C47 1985.

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Jem is wearing:

  • Head: Akeruka Monika 2.5 (Bento)
  • Body: Maitreya Lara 3.5
  • Skin: Fallen Gods Pure Ivory
  • Eyes: IKON Sovereign eyes (Quicksilver)
  • Hair: *TKW* (Tukinowaguma) Imelda, with tiara
  • Attachments: SLink Avatar Enhancement hands; Maitreya feet
  • Nails: FORMANAILS Stiletto nails (SLink Casual, red/silver)
  • Dress and shoes: r2 A/D/E shun (blue) (available at current round of Collabor88)
  • Jewelry: Kunglers Elaine necklace (Jade); aisling Simple Bindi; FORMANAILS Scarabeus (SLink Casual)
  • Makeup:
    • Eyeshadow:  Vengeful Therads Seraphim (Vibrant Blue, Omega)
    • Lipstick: Zibska Sorcha (slot 20, Omega)
    • Lashes:  FATElashes v2.0

Photographed at Gardens By the Bay (LEA15)



Tholosa, the Witch-queen   Leave a comment

October’s here!  Time to start getting in gear for Halloween, and I’ve got just the thing here.  I was going to just publish these on Flickr, but at least a few of them are pretty decent; so I’ll do the same thing here as I did on there, publish them with text beneath to explain each scene in my story.  It’s definitely a first for me, I’m not sure what Harper would have to say about this one.  But if she can publish her stuff on here, so can I, and she’s been encouraging me to. You get to judge how I do.

Fair warning disclosure — there’s a lot of large pictures here.  Have patience if it takes a little for them to load, please.

You can see the entire original collection in full size in the album on Flickr (aside from several I’m adding in here to help bulk out the collection, or that I reshot with Conan to improve things).



Tholosa the Exalted, the Witch-queen of the Empire of Oshor Chih — known not as The Exalted by her enemies, but as Tholosa of the Grave — takes her ease in her palace’s apartments, beneath a statue of one of the strange gods she worships.  Even in the gloom of her rooms, this strange woman, who has conquered and absorbed into her empire kingdom after kingdom, glows with a shell of power.  This encourages her unlettered slaves to believe in her as a goddess, and puts to use the undesirable effect of all the sorcerous protections she has cast about her in self-defense.

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Station Night

Warning:  The photos (and, to a degree, the story) should be considered NSFW.  You accept the consequences if you continue on; you have been warned….


It was well past midnight of the station night, but Seong wasn’t feeling tired at all — rather, she tingled with anticipation. However, to fulfill that anticipation, she needed to get to her destination.

Fortunately for her, “night” on Tulla ‘niFalon Anthropology Starbase, orbiting the planet Elenia, meant exactly that. To give the impression of a diurnal rhythm, the station cycled its lights to correspond with the time of day in the city over which the base held its geosynchronous position. There was just enough light to see for normal humans, especially in the dark-purple colored halls of the Residential Section. Seong padded along, her movements quieted by the crepe soles of her boots. And what boots they are! she thought with a grin.  Not to mention the top!!  We won’t mention anything else, of course, because there’s nothing else to mention….

Are you tingling with antici…pation? Turn the page!

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On a Lazy River

On a Lazy River

This summer’s hot, and so I’m taking a break in one of the rivers that wends through my property.  I shouldn’t have really done it — but, of course, this is virtuality, and so I can wear my shoes into a wet situation like this and not worry about ruining them.

And nice shoes they are, too.  New mesh flat sandals from Zaara, available in a variety of colors and with jeweled and beaded upper straps, they make a pair of SLink low/flat feet very attractive indeed.  Go not (yet) to Zaara’s store for these, though; she’s selling them through a store shack at Summerfest ’14, which is running currently in Pacific Isle region.  This extravaganza is busy right now, so you may need a few tries to get in.  She’s selling them along with a nice one-piece swimsuit.  (Not the one I’m wearing here, obviously; this is the bikini — and whoa, what a bikini! — sold by R2 at this month’s Collarbor88, and I thank Connie Arida for turning me on to this one!)

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