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Milepost 10

Here I am on one of the Social Islands, the current second stop for a new Resident.  Things have changed a lot in the First Sims since I first logged in on the old Orientation Island ten years ago.

That’s right, 10 years. Turn the page for some reflections.

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Nine Lives, uh, Years Old


A little late — I actually joined Second Life on October 11, 2007 — but better now than never; I always try to make my rezz day article, as well as the blog’s anniversary.

And, when you get to nine years old in Second Life, you’re allowed to let things slide a little, depending on how minor or major they are.  You’ve hung around longer than most of the Residents you meet now, instead of being up there not much younger than most.  Comparatively, I should be having grey streaks in my hair now.

But I think I’ll stay looking the way I am for now — at least, until Bento really comes through, and then I may finally invest in a Bento-capable head.

Any road, it’s been an interesting run so far, and I’m looking forward to the next year, as always.  The more fearful may ask why, when Sansar hangs over the Grid as it does; but I’m willing to believe Ebbe Altberg for now when he says SL won’t be terminated.  And, truthfully, I can’t see any reason offhand SL would be turned off, save for a sudden mass migration of avatars to the new platform.  For now, at least, with all the investment we have here in our world, I think only the fearful or terminal “new-thing” avatar will pull up all the stakes they’ve put down — or the Resident who’s so new that they don’t have that many roots in the virtual soil yet.  For me, for now, I am content.  And so I say I’ll see you back here in a year — hopefully on time next year! — still wandering around, and celebrating my tenth.

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Seven Years Old Today

Just a fast note, as I’m crunched for time, but today is my seventh rezz day.  Couldn’t let the day go by without at least making a note!  Peace to all, and I may have more to say on the blog’s 7th Anniversary in November.

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A Great Rezz-Day Present

Go Tigers

Talk about rezz-day presents!  Today is my 6th rezz day in world; and, last night in RL baseball, the Detroit Tigers advanced to the American League Championship Series for the third year in a row.  Can’t beat that!!

(No, no deep or meaningful meditations on another year of Second Life.  Come back in a month or so for the 6th anniversary of the blog, and I may have something to say then.)


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Rezz Day Redux

A quick revisit to my rezz day — Linden Lab was kind enough to send me a cake!  Whoever did this one created a beauty.

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Five Alive!

Today, I hit a milestone of a kind.  I first rezzed in Second Life five years ago.  It’s always a time of reflection for me on what I’ve done, but I don’t think I’d have done much different over this time, if anything.  There have been changes and improvements, though.  I’ve gotten in some more photography that’s getting pretty good, am becoming more involved in my store (Harper’s Fine Art) once again, and am now branching out into Real World sales with prints available through Bigoom (see the sidebar if you’re interested).

My recent purchase of a chunk of sim gives me a location for better work, more pleasant living space in world, and the room to expand if I choose to, such as building a new, larger and more versatile studio.  I’m also considering moving the store to another front, though staying with my current commercial landlord (Tegg Bode), who’s been there to help me from the beginning and has worked with me to solve some sticky problems at times.

One thing hasn’t changed, and that’s friendships.  Most of my interaction with my friends has been via outside social media (Plurk, with connections to Facebook and Twitter, so that everybody gets almost the same thing), but I’m usually available to my friends when in world.  (If anybody needs a temporary model and I have the time, give me a ring!)  Even my landlords have been nice, cooperative folk to work with; I’ve already noted Tegg above, but bo Heartsdale was wonderful when I was living in one of his houses for several months, and I’m hopeful of relations with my current landlord as well.

Thanks for coming along with me so far.  I hope you’ll keep following, and that you’ll look forward to November, when I do the fifth-anniversary piece for this blog.

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I Am Number 4

Four years old, in Second Life, that is.  In real life, I’m–  Well, let’s say that I’m old enough to remember when you could find a 7-Up vending machine.  I’m maybe a decade or so younger than that Texaco sign back behind me as I hang around the garage on The Mother Road, but they still had that logo until about the late Sixties or early Seventies.

Have I gained any new insights or wisdom in this past year?  Probably not.  I don’t look to Second Life for huge insights, or even small ones.  But it’s been fun, and a trial, and a creative experience.  Some see only the bad things, and shout at the top of their lungs, “Imminent Death of the Grid Predicted!”  I take it as it comes to me, day by day that I get a chance to enter the virtual world; and perhaps that’s an insight.  Yes, there are problems; yes, it sometimes seems as if nobody in San Francisco at Linden Lab is listening to us.  But also yes, I don’t expect perfection from what, even on other services, is still early days in the development of virtual reality.   I just enjoy what I can, try to keep my Linden dollar balance up despite huge shopping sprees, look for interesting places to pose in my lovely clothes that I couldn’t possibly afford in RL, make the occasional friend, and share in the creativity of my brothers and sisters in this not-quite-a-game, not-quite-reality.

Stay with me, bunky; it’s been a hell of a ride, and I’m still crackin’ the whip at the gerbils.

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