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Even Dozen

I’m writing this in advance (and hope to get everything together from myself, Jemmy, Diana and Morgan to do an article in between Monday and today). But, when you see this, I’ll be 12 years old.

Gee, I look awful mature for only 12, don’t I …?

Once the initial excitement calms down, new rezz days are like new birthdays … basically just another goal on the scoreboard. Once you hit 10, you only start really looking at a rezz day every five years after. But it’s still a bit of an accomplishment to have gotten this far. I’m only a few years younger than Second Life itself, after all; and many people thought, following the years of the Great Hype exploding, that we wouldn’t still be here. Then the Imminent Death of the Grid was again predicted with the rise of Samsar.

But SL is still going, and so am I; and next month, we’ll be marking another anniversary on this blog. So thank you for your good wishes, and keep on stopping in!

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Happy happy for Strawberry Singh

It’s my Rezday!, originally uploaded by Strawberry Singh.

It’s Strawberry Singh’s 5th rezz day.  Berry, as she’s known to all and sundry, has achieved a notable degree of seniority with 5 years in Second Life — model, fashion blogger, photographer and beautiful person inside the avatar.  The pictures of her above show the progression of her looks over those years, from her first months, to her time as a model for Zaara, down to today in the center.

Why not stop by Berry’s blog at the link above, and leave a greeting comment?  Or in other places as well; Berry is one of the most social of the social networkers.  She can be reached at Plurk, Twitter, Google+, you name it.

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