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Sabrina Fair

Film fans like me will remember Sabrina.  No, not the vastly inferior version of recent years, but the magnificent Billy Wilder original, filmed in 1954, with Audrey Hepburn in the title role.  The awkward little girl goes off to France, and comes back a sophisticated woman of the world, ready to win the man she loves.  And she began the hunt in a lovely strapless gown that won Edith Head an Oscar for Best Costume Design (black and white) — but that everyone knows was really designed by the man who became Hepburn’s favorite designer, Hubert de Givenchy.

Now this can be yours.  Baiastice is making its new collection available at its main store, and a faithful copy of Hepburn’s famous gown is available for about L$1,300.  It sure ain’t cheap; but oh, my dear —

This gown is faithful in about every detail, and comes with two pairs of glitch pants and a variety of skirts, allowing you to wear it about as you choose. As I am here, you could almost expect William Holden to walk in and ask you for a dance….

Photographed at Shengri La main island.  For more photos, see my Flickr stream.

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