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February Vanity — WOW!

Just a quick note here, as we at the blog are all still going over how much we can afford. But get ready to buy about 10,000 or 20,000 lindens this month if you go to February’s edition of Vanity. Not because of the prices — but because you’re gonna want about a quarter of it at the least! There’s something fantastic for almost every taste, from casual to formal to kinky. We plan to run some quantity of things in future articles, so watch here for words and photos.

For an advance taste, check out the gallery at Seraphim.

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Where To Find Gift Cards In World?

Where do you find them?  Why at this list of places, of course!  If you’re planning on some Christmas gifts for friends and loved ones, go down this list and see if there are any stores listed that they love.

And, if you have a Plurk account and know of one that hasn’t made it on the list, be sure to add it!

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2014 Mystic Realms Faire

Mystic Realms

Check out the new Mystic Realms Faire, running between October 10 and 26.  There’s lots of goodies to tempt you, including a fantastic new sari from Zaara and a beautiful futuristic gown from [sYs].  I’ve done my shopping already, dashing through yesterday during the bloggers’ preview; I may have a chance Monday to start going through the bags and see how things look.

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New XStreet L$ Transfers Slicker Than Paddy’s Pig

I finally headed to XStreetSL a few hours ago to do a little shopping.  But the first thing I did, after my fortnightly purchase of lindens, was to transfer some cash over to the XStreet account.  And, wonder of wonders, I didn’t have to hunt down an XStreet terminal…especially at XStreet headquarters (such a pain that was!).

In case you haven’t heard, Linden Lab has set things up now so that you can do a simple transfer between your master linden account in Second Life and your XStreet account.  Just click on Transfer under Inworld L$ Balance in My Marketplace, tell it how much you wish to transfer, and let it do its voodoo.  Then go spend it all.

I didn’t quite do the latter, but I did move L$2,000 with no hassle at all, no rezz time, and no hunting for a terminal in an out-of-the-way corner of the property.  It let me find the elements of my Saint Patrick’s Day morning outfit with no problems at all.  Why not give it a shot and see how it makes your XStreet life so much easier?

How to Store Hair!

So you’re back from Hair Fair.  You’ve spent at least an hour of every day, and every linden in your wallet, in the place just buying hair for your avatar.  (And hopefully purchasing items that contribute a percentage of the price to the Fair’s beneficiary, Locks of Love!)  Now you’ve got more hair than the dumpster of a RL salon at the end of a 12-hour day, and you don’t know how to keep track of it all.  Your wallet’s empty while your Inventory’s groaning from the weight of yet more hair, half of which you’ll wear only occasionally if you bought fatpacks.  What’s a body to do???

Well, you could buy an Inventory manager, such as the ever-popular THiNC boxes, and shovel it all in there.  But these things have an upper limit, and you don’t usually have a way of knowing what the item you’re pulling out looks like.  Ah, but there is still hope, and for only L$10 a package!  Am I selling it?  No, I deal in art, not inventory control.  But this came to me while I was thinking about what to put together to make prints for my store.

No, I’m not selling my hair, either.  (I couldn’t if I wanted to (grin).)  This is the solution.  Just rezz up a cube, and stuff all the colors of one style into the contents tab.  Name the cube with the style name and creator, and upload a good picture of what the style looks like to use as the cube’s texture.  (With five visible sides, you could even paint each side a different view, but I think one or two views is probably enough for most styles.)  Then delete all the hair you’ve just saved into the cube out of your Inventory, and Take the cube in.  Voila! After you empty the trash, you’ve gained back any number of slots — often at least 10 to 20, quite often more with multiple-color fatpacks — and put all your precious hair in a container that lets you see what it is inside.

Oh, when you Take the cube into Inventory, you are remembering to file it in a properly categorized folder, aren’t you…?

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Stretching Your Wardrobe Budget

Second Life is loaded with great designers, even with the amount of content theft going on.  I’m glad to say that a lot of people are hanging on, and still making great clothes for the fashionable avatar.

I’m also sorry to say this, because a large part of my budget every week goes to buying new dresses and the associated details (sigh, grin).

But there is a way to make your clothes do double duty.  Some have thought of this already, I suspect; but it bears repeating — take off your prim skirt.  Now don’t freak on me!  Remember, many designers include the famous “glitch pants,” to cover up, shall we say, embarrassing moments when we sit down or fly someplace.  By taking off the skirt and wearing the essential parts of the rest of the costume, we have two outfits for the price of one, a gown and a pantsuit!

Demonstrations:  the first is Pragmata, and the second is Nadirra, both by Ginny Talamasca.

Pragmata top and pants by Ginny Talamasca Nadirra top and pants by Ginny Talamasca

Make your money count, ladies.  You don’t have to go into virtual bankruptcy to have tons of lovely outfits every week!

News on Free Skins! Updated

I guess I read the right blogs. Mandylia was writing about how she’s spending way too many lindens around the Grid, and she mentioned another blog article written by Myg, talking about — quality free skins! This is especially valuable for newbies (like one I know — see an upcoming article!), but also for old hand Residents wanting a new look without dropping between £500-2,500 for a new skin. Give this a consideration, and give your budget a rest! (Unless you’re Anshe Chung, Nicky Ree, any of the Electric Sheep, et al.)


UPDATE, Jan. 19, 12:04 p.m. local:

New World Notes links back to me, and to others blogs, in a news report on discussions concerning the ethics of free skins, shapes, clothes, etc. The question, at least in part: with designers making in Real World terms what amounts to sweatshop pay for their goods, does it really “pay” for them to give anything away? Are they undermining the market for the rest of the designers around them?

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