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Back from Orlando — City, That Is

No, I didn’t just do another composite image here of Orlando City Stadium (becoming known as The Fortress, for its level of fan support for Orlando City SC); I took this photo myself last Saturday, prior to kickoff, when I was down in Orlando with my husband for our annual trip to watch the team at home.  It was a heck of a walk between where I parked and the new stadium; but the walk was worth it in the end (and I easily made my step goal for the day).  Beautiful sight lines from almost anywhere inside; lovely neighbors around me to watch the game and root for our guys in purple — and LOUD!!!  The stadium has sold out every home game to date, and probably will sell most tickets easily for the year (one reason I went in April instead of for the home opener:  I couldn’t get a ticket for a decent price).

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Never Hunt Alone!


MLS soccer season is on us again, and the Lions opened at home once more — three years in a row!  You can’t beat that luck.

Well, actually, we did — WE WON!!!  No nerve-straining, pull-it-out-at-the-last-minute draw this year; it’s a clear win, and a full three points on the standings — and we did it before a sold-out house once more, in a brand-new, LOUD stadium all our own.  I only wish I could have attended this year, but schedules didn’t work out in my favor this time.  I’ll have to hope that I can get down to Orlando sometime during the season, so I can scream my lungs out for another year.  And watch for when Orlando City drives up the Interstate to Atlanta to play United there.


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USA Wins Third Women’s World Cup

Three Stars

It’s late and I really need to get some sleep, but I wanted to share with you the perfect capper to this past 4th of July weekend.  I had to work last night, so I didn’t see Megan Rapinoe, Abby Wambach, Hope Solo and all the others of the US Women’s Team win in convincing fashion against Japan in the finals of the 2015 Women’s World Cup.  Fortunately, I have it on the DVR, and Monday is a day off for me.  My son will consider me insane; to me, who went to a college with soccer as our fall game, it’s perfectly logical.

I was worried, especially after our game against Colombia.  At times it seemed that the team was phoning in their play.  But they kept winning, and kept denying the other sides a single goal.  Sunday in Vancouver paid off our faith in them.  Well done!  You’ve earned your third winner’s star, and no doubt about it.

three stars 2 three stars

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2 Days to Orlando City! (Updated after the game)

Soccer's starting

Why do I jump for joy now?  Because of two things.  First, I’m on my way to Florida to catch a spring training game for my Detroit Tigers next week.  That will be a good thing, even though I have to go to the Phillies’ stadium in Clearwater to see the game, instead of Joker Marchant Stadium in Lakeland.  C’est la guerre….  The second takes precedence this year, though, and is why I’m in my soccer kit instead of my Tigers jacket.  I’m also on my way to Orlando, where I lived for 14 years, to catch the first game for Orlando City SC in Major League Soccer, against fellow expansion team New York City FC, on Sunday.

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Second Life ist braun-weiß!

On the Pitch

Oy! Referee!! Weren’t you lookin’? That was a yellow card at the least!!

So, what am I doing on my, uh, posterior in such an undignified pose? Very simple; I’m talking about politics.

Well, in part I may be, but more on that below. First, a rambling explanation….

Turn the page for this explanation….

Jumping for Joy

And why am I jumping for joy?  Because the Detroit Tigers are up, 2-0 in the best-of-7 American League Championship Series, the last stage before the World Series.  If we pull off the next two games (both back home in Detroit) and make it to the Big Show, it’ll be the first time since our disastrous loss in 2006 to the St. Louis Cardinals.

And the Cardinals are in the National League CS right now, and are 1-0 against the San Francisco Giants.  Revenge may yet be ours….  (Evil grin)

Summon the Heroes — Again

I originally published this in 2008, during the Beijing Olympic Games, and I’d still like to see someone who can shoot machinima try this idea out.  With the Opening Ceremonies of London 2012 about to kick off, I offer this up again, and hope someone will accept the challenge!  (Plead, beg, whine….)

So, does anyone out there want to become the Bud Greenspan of Second Life?


I’m an Olympic Games fan; have been since about 1984, and the Sarajevo Winter Games, as a matter of fact. I’ve always preferred the Winter Games, but the Summer Games are good as well….

I bit the bullet the other night [back in 2008, remember], and bought a CD from 2000 of music composed or suggested for the Olympics, including three of John Williams’ major works: Olympic Fanfare and Theme, The Olympic Spirit — and Summon the Heroes. I was going to embed a video here of someone playing it, but the versions I found just didn’t catch my interest — including the Opening Ceremonies in which it was debuted! Probably because I have the full version of the music on that CD. But you’ve almost certainly heard at least part of it at some point if you’ve seen a Games since Atlanta 1996. Williams has mastered the composition of triumphant fanfares, creating uplifting numbers that stir the blood and call the listener to heed and celebrate.

While playing this, I had an idea for a great machinima come to me, one that would be perfect for an Olympic Games. Sadly, I can’t seem to shoot movies worth crap in SL (I have to study Torley’s or someone’s tutorial, ’cause I can’t get the thing to save a file or something); it would take a cast of dozens, if not hundreds of avatars; and it wouldn’t be ready until the next Games. (It could be filmed and released between the main and Paralympic Games in Beijing, but there would still be the problem of logistics and cast to pull together. Now I know how they feel when they’re trying to pull together a movie in pre-production in Hollywood!) So I release the concept into the Void by Creative Commons; and, if someone can actually film the thing…, please give me a role and a credit (and 2% of the gross, if any [grin]).

As for sets, there are plenty of builds across the Grid that could fit the need of the concept; the only one I could think of needing to be built would be a classical-type arena. (I’ve looked at the Gladiatorial Arena in Roma; besides the bloodstains on the floor, the build is over ornate for what I picture. Something more classical Grecian is in my mind, or at least similar; I’d prefer a look that wasn’t necessarily identifiable to any particular culture. Perhaps if something like an oval-shaped Greco-Roman amphitheatre could be done! But I doubt you could really get away from the Grecian elements and make it “universal”; the results would be too bland.)

Read the “concept pitch” following the break….

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