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Go Detroit Tigers, 2011 AL Central Champs!

I wish I could really be there for a game or two — in the stands, of course — as the Detroit Tigers have won the American League Central by a very convincing 15 games over nearest rival Cleveland.  The Minnesota Twins, a team that usually has our number, fell apart this year, and occupies the last place in the division — 32 games back!!

My Boyz start up the American League Division Series tonight in New York against the Evil Empire, uh, the Yankees, while the Texas Rangers goes against Tampa Bay.  The winner of each series will play off against each other in the AL Championship Series to determine the AL Champion, who will go on to defend the Junior League’s honor against the National League in the World Series.  If you love me, or even like me, or even just want a free glass of Guinness from the keg I’ll be putting in my store, please send up all good thoughts and wishes — especially against the Empire, uh, Yankees.


Take Me Out to the Ball Game


I’m an Ole Tigers Fan from way back; I can remember the days of Al Kaline and Willie Horton, heaven help me.  To see them opening the year tied for first in the AL Central is just beautiful.

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Posted April 22, 2009 by Harper Ganesvoort in Real Life

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Summon the Heroes

Revised August 20, 10:00 p.m. local:

I’m an Olympic Games fan; have been since about 1984, and the Sarajevo Winter Games, as a matter of fact. I’ve always preferred the Winter Games, but the Summer Games are good as well, and many of the events (Michael Phelps, of course, and the women’s gymnastics) caught my attention this time around. The politics of the Chinese regime are deplorable, and I do not support them in any way — but they know how to throw a hell of a Games.

I bit the bullet the other night, and bought a CD from 2000 of music composed or suggested for the Olympics, including three of John Williams’ major works: Olympic Fanfare and Theme, The Olympic Spirit — and Summon the Heroes. I was going to embed a video here of someone playing it, but the versions I found just didn’t catch my interest — including the Opening Ceremonies in which it was debuted! Probably because I have the full version of the music on that CD. But you’ve almost certainly heard at least part of it at some point if you’ve seen a Games since Atlanta 1996. Williams has mastered the composition of triumphant fanfares, creating uplifting numbers that stir the blood and call the listener to heed and celebrate.

While playing this, I had an idea for a great machinima come to me, one that would be perfect for an Olympic Games. Sadly, I can’t seem to shoot movies worth crap in SL (I have to study Torley’s or someone’s tutorial, ’cause I can’t get the thing to save a file or something); it would take a cast of dozens, if not hundreds of avatars; and it wouldn’t be ready until the next Games. (It could be filmed and released between the main and Paralympic Games in Beijing, but there would still be the problem of logistics and cast to pull together. Now I know how they feel when they’re trying to pull together a movie in pre-production in Hollywood!) So I release the concept into the Void by Creative Commons; and, if someone can actually film the thing by London 2012, please give me a role and a credit (and 2% of the gross, if any [grin]).

As for sets, there are plenty of builds across the Grid that could fit the need of the concept; the only one I could think of needing to be built would be a classical-type arena. (I’ve looked at the Gladiatorial Arena in Roma; besides the bloodstains on the floor, the build is over ornate for what I picture. Something more classical Grecian is in my mind, or at least similar; I’d prefer a look that wasn’t necessarily identifiable to any particular culture. Perhaps if something like an oval-shaped Greco-Roman amphitheatre could be done! But I doubt you could really get away from the Grecian elements and make it “universal”; the results would be too bland.)

Read the “concept pitch” following the break….

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