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Low-Lag Charity Festivals — A Primer

Harper Beresford republished this today at A Passion for Virtual Fashion, taking it off the old FFL blog, and granted kind permission for me to republish this in full as well.  As we’re going through Accessory Fair right now, and Hair Fair, the really big shew of the summer (to me, at least [grin]) is coming up, I think it deserves republishing as much as possible.  Most of us bitch about how laggy fairs are, without taking the time to do the things we can do on our side to minimize that lag — not just for us, but for everyone around us.  Let’s take these steps, and have a good time as well as helping out good causes. 


In running Fashion for Life, one of our biggest concerns was approaching the issue of lag. Lag is like the US Federal deficit—it seems to be getting worse and worse and definitely impinges on our enjoyment.

A lot has been written about lag, and there are a lot of myths and half truths. We have tried to get to the core of what we have control over and we want to explain to you what you can do to make your visit more enjoyable.

First, let us say that any sim that has 50 or more avatars moving around and doing things is going to experience some lag. It’s that simple. Add to this that Linden Lab has been messing around with the server code and that has made things worse in general.

There are ways we can counteract this from the Fashion for Life end, and below Syngen will tell you what we are doing to make it better. But there are things you can do as well.

First off, and we hate saying it’s you but it really is you. The biggest portion of lag comes from the user’s end. It comes from having a lower-end graphics card, a slower computer, a slower internet connection, and a poor set up. We can’t give you all new computers and better internet connections. (Gosh, would we love to.) But we can give you some hints to make it all work better.

In short, our tips for making your time at Fashion for Life (and everyone else’s) more enjoyable are as follows:

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Torley Strikes! with His “Standard” Default SL Viewer Settings

How many remember the Master of Watermelons — or at least of the colors of watermelons in Second Life — Torley Linden?  Since I don’t read the Big Blog — also known as the Official Blogs — as often as I should these days, I’ve probably missed out on some of his excellent tutorials, both text and video.

Well, Torley Lives!  And he just wrote a doozy this weekend.  If you haven’t opened your copy of The Sandbox, the official Second Life newsletter, follow this link to his article.  He gives us the settings he always alters to his preferences when he tries out a new viewer, official or TPV.  He’s also asking what you would do, and he has a whole bunch of replies already.  (Hopefully it won’t top out!)

Hiding Intersecting Prims in SL Photographs

Cajsa Lilliehook at It’s Only Fashion writes about a trick I knew nothing about in the client — that you can edit and hide selected prims, making them invisible.  This is especially useful for fashion photography, of course; Cajsa is showing how she edits out tendrils of hair that were poking into her shoulders.  But other Residents of Second Life could find uses for this as well.

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Torley Does Tutorial on Some Interesting 1.23 Changes (Updated)

I just spotted a new tutorial by everyone’s favorite watermelon-fascinated avatar, Torley Linden.  He focuses his camera on…well, on the camera.  Or, more specifically, the camera controls, especially if you do machinima.  From his brief writeup:

Before Second Life Viewer 1.23, in Preference’s Input & Camera tab, there used to be Camera Transition Time and Camera Smoothing. They’ve been replaced by Camera View Angle (a more fluid way to adjust View menu > Zoom In and Out), and Camera Follow Distance now behaves as it’s named (not just while you fly).

I don’t use Linden 1.23 much, as I prefer Rainbow Viewer currently; but this information will be interesting for the times I do switch to the official viewer.  The controls are accessed through the Debug window in the Advanced settings.

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Lashes Don’t Attach to Me on Login

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A Tip for New Merchants

And the tip is:  before you rent your storefront in a mall or similar, look up the group and make sure the officers have been logging in recently.

“Whatcha talkin’ about?” you say?  Well, yesterday, I had discovered a mall that seemed to have a bit of traffic to it, with what seemed a reasonable rent/prim rate, and I plunked down a week’s rent on it, proceeding to set up my OnRez vendors.  After I did that, I looked up the group to request an invitation to join.  (Just like most rented houses and apartments, you need to belong to a land group to build anything in the plot you’re borrowing the rights to.)  Well, I got the listing for their group — and guess what it said under every visible line in the members box?  Last login:  “Unknown.”  Whoever were the owners of this place, it had been so long since they had logged in that the date wasn’t even listed!  I sent a forlorn request for membership, but I’m not expecting a reply any time soon.

The bad thing is that I lost money.  The good thing:  it was only about L$250 or so.  I consider it a small price to pay, but I’m passing the words to the wise on to you.  I’ll save you the money this way if you decide to open your own store.

Oh, my store?  Where is it, you say?  Well, you could click the button in the sidebar and go to OnRez; but you’ll find my little place in Creamy Dreamz.  I don’t have tons of stock in yet, but I’m gradually growing it.


UPDATE, 2010 — My store has long since moved; pay no attention to the above link (grin).

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A Few Handy Tips

I’ve been learning a few things this weekend about Second Life, and I’m putting them up here for wider distribution.  Along with this is one trick I’ve discovered myself — though someone else may have developed it already.  But Information Should Be Free (not textures, but factual information — more on this in future), and it deserves spreading around.


This may be a little weird, but one Resident I asked for help said that it’s happened to her as well, or something similar.  Yesterday, I was relaxing at my loft in my favorite Dark Silver skin from chroma, when I remembered I had to get a closeup photo of Nyla Cheeky’s tinyprim-based cloche cap for my piece on her gown.  I quickly threw myself back into the dress and hat and hair, and my normal skin — but then, when I mounted the posing stand I keep in my loft, I discovered that my face was still silver!  Some canny camera work gave me the shot I wanted, but you can still see the tip of my nose is rather dark (grin).

It was still the same way today, and so it was obvious that something was up, either with SL, my client, or with a corruption of the file.  Once I had struggled off of my land — Frank’s Place in Oasis Resort is number 16 on the Popular Places list, and the loft is on the corner of the land — I put up a message on Fashion Emergency asking for help.  Back came the suggestions to (a) clear my cache by going to Preferences, Network, and click the correct button; and then (b) “rebake” my skin texture by Control-Alt-R.  That did the trick, and you should remember this if you ever run into the same situation yourself.


I love most aspects of the current Google-style Search function in Linden Lab’s client.  But how many know that the results are displayed in, essentially, a Chat window?  This lends itself to a handy idea for finding specific items from a merchant’s wares.

This can be done in two ways, either of which require an outside application.  The first calls for you to select all the text of the product list from below the teleport button, by highlighting it with your mouse cursor.  (Or you can highlight a few letters, then press Control-A to select all.)  Control-C to copy it, then you paste the text into an editor such as Notepad or EditPad.  The second way is to copy only the URL you will find at the bottom of the merchant’s page, and paste this into the address bar of your browser, e.g. Firefox, etc.  This will bring up that page from the Second Life community portal, which appears to be what the new Search polls for results.

Any road, now search the text with the Find function to locate what you’re looking for.  You’ll get the price that merchant is asking — which is nice in itself.  But you’ll also get a set of Grid coordinates where the item’s billboard is located in the store.

Back to Second Life; teleport to the store.  Once there, open the Main Map, and click inside the region you’re in currently to get a red teleport target.  Then punch in the coordinates you found from the search.  Do not teleport; this could place you inside a wall, which would be embarrassing, not to say prone to knock you out of the Grid (grin).  Rather, just close the Map after doing this, then home in on your target by following the red beacon and arrow.  Voila; you’ve found what you want, and with a minimum of hunting through the whole store.  Very useful if the merchant has something as big as ETD Designs or other places.

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