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Free Water Normal Maps by Trompe Loeil :

In case you haven’t seen a link to this article yet, or actually been to the original, rush off to Berry Singh’s article on a new goodie from Cory Edo.  Cory has released, through Trompe Loeil on the Marketplace, a set of normal maps for use in world in the WindLight editing tab of your client.  Please do read all of this carefully, and make sure to see Berry’s video on how to use the maps.  You can’t make a “water prim” this way, but you can give your in-world water a look that you desire for photography purposes or machinima!

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A Lovely SL Illusion

While doing some photography work recently at Horizon Dream, the region which contains The Looking Glass, I found a clever little bit of trompe l’oeil craftsmanship that I wanted to share.  This can be pulled off in Second Life quite easily, if with a little effort to do the building.  There probably aren’t too many places that would want, let alone need, such a trick.  But for those interested — in case it’s not commonly known — here’s the 411.

You’ll find this circular room, with the annexes to the sides, in the castle on top of the hill.  (There are vendors like the ones you see scattered about the island.  I get the feeling that the whole thing is part park and part intriguing store.)  Take a good look at the floor, and you’ll see reflections of the pillars and the doorway in the mirror-polished marble surface.  I didn’t take a picture of the windows, but I think the same thing is happening for them.  Or do you? Read the rest of this entry »

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