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Girl Wonder Speaks…about Second Life®: The Most Interesting Avatar in the World

Girl Wonder Speaks…about Second Life®: The Most Interesting Avatar in the World.

Strangely, she isn’t drinking Dos Equis….

Thanks to Hamlet Au

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CNN iReport Still In World

Tymmerie Thorne let us know some days ago (July 9) that CNN is still maintaining its virtual presence on the Grid.  CNN iReports from in world have made it occasionally onto the RL broadcasts, and are the only remaining Real World avenue of reportage (to my knowledge) left since Reuters chose to bug out from Second Life.  (Other journalism areas, like BBC World, are more advertising sites and venues than anything else, in my opinion.)  If you’re interested in filing a CNN iReport, go to Tymmerie’s article at the link above and check out what she has to say, and pick up the SLurl to drop into the island.

Pink Shirt Day 2010 (Updated x2)

PinkShirts_05 copy, originally uploaded by Arcadia Nightfire.

When the idea was suggested yesterday on Plurk to do a group pose for today’s Pink Shirt Day, I was glad to volunteer for the job.  I’d had such fun back in my early days, when I did an instant photoshoot with my good friends Cajsa Lilliehook and Gidge Uriza of It’s Only Fashion, that I’d been hoping to do something like this again.  So I dashed off to XStreet and found a nice pink corset — yeah, I know, it isn’t a shirt, but pink tops aren’t my thing; I can handle a pink corset, though.  And, at the appropriate time, I hit the blocks along with all the other suspects for the above photo, taken by Arcadia Nightfire of MDR Photo.

The partners in crime:

Back row (l-r): Tymmerie Thorne, SySy Chapman, Aldwyn Zanzibar, Chandni Khondji, Arcadia Nightfire, Kyria Tomsen, Lavea Alter, and Addison Mortlock

Front row: Harper Ganesvoort, December Dollinger, and Gabby Panacek


Thanks much, Arcadia, from a former victim of bullying, for an opportunity to stand up against this very real RL scourge.


UPDATE: Arcadia has written up the picture and the campaign better than me, on her own blog.  Also read Gidge Uriza’s personal story at It’s Only Fashion.

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