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BBC London 2012 Machinima Trailer


Back to the Olympic theme as the fortnight of the London 2012 Games winds down.  Here’s the teaser commercial the BBC was running before the Games began; I was lucky when the Beeb’s embed code wouldn’t work in WordPress, because it forced me to search it up on YouTube, and find a full-length version.

The great thing about this, besides the sheer spectacular beauty of the entire concept, is that it’s all done in the box as a machinima.  There isn’t a live frame in it anywhere!  It wasn’t filmed in Second Life; I’d love it even more if it had been. The idea, of course, is that the whole of London, and even England, is the backdrop for the Games.  You have fishing trawlers laying down lane floats for swimming; boxers in a ring at a cargo port; runners racing down an East End street (with the finish line in front of a shop with the sign Photo Finish); a gymnast doing floor exercises on a pedestrian bridge in the City; an athlete using the south-shore beaches as her sand pit for the long jump….  And all around in the background, you see the upper edges of the Olympic Stadium, showing that the whole country is watching.  Take a look at this thing — you’ll get the idea.

The BBC liked this so much that they use still and partially animated concept frames at the bottom of each of their Olympic Web pages.  If you want to see them (a few of them pop up only rarely), run off to their site and go to the bottom of each page.


Fallen Gods, the seller of high quality fantasy and science-fiction skins, maintains an archipelago for roleplayers to explore. The store is under my feet here, but I’m focusing on the lands above!

Virtual Hallowe’en Photo Contest Results Announced!

It took a fight — as much with my computer as with the quality of the submissions.  After my previous notice, the blasted box decided to die again!  this time, though, I think we have it; I’ve installed a new C: drive, cloned Windows onto it, and pulled the old D: drive out of the loop.  So I’ll take a chance, and say, in the words of the immortal Bullwinkle, “This time for sure!

The Around the Grid Virtual Hallowe’en Photo Contest had a lot of good offerings to sort through and decide which ones would make the final cut.  Then, after that, how to order the final cut (grin).  But the job is done.  I gave myself until November 9 to make the decision, allowing for RL schedules and other things; indeed, with my computer in the shop for a time, it looked like it might be necessary to go way beyond that to just have a chance to even start reviewing the entries.  Things lucked out, though, and it’s time to announce the winners.  For those of you reading from the front page, click on through to read the results.

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Update 2 on Hallowe’en Photo Contest

With about a week to go before the Hallowe’en Photo Contest closes, I now have 49 entries on the Flickr Wizards and Sorcerers group, and a whopping 68 entries at Koinup.  I can see quite a range of talent demonstrated here, and choosing the winner may take a little longer than anticipated.  Please don’t be surprised or dismayed if the winners aren’t announced before, say, November 3 or 4.

There’s still time to get an entry in.  Please read my original article, and then go for it.  You’ll have until 12:01 a.m SLT (Pacific Time) November 1 — or until I check the groups and close the contest on the 1st — to get your photo in.

Hallowe’en Photo Contest Update

Entries are coming in for my Virtual Hallowe’en Photo Contest.  So far, I have 16 submissions in the Flickr group, and 33 in the Koinup group.  And there are some definite keepers in the selection — I won’t say which ones are catching my attention just now; you’ll find out when the judging is over.

There’s still plenty of time to come up with a masterpiece and win the contest.  Read the rules here if you haven’t already, and get cracking.  (Or shooting, actually, as in with a camera.)  Remember, there’s some L$6,000 in prizes for Second Life entries, and fame and glory for all contestants from the various virtual worlds!

Apparent Plagiarism of Virtual World Photo Work on Koinup

While cruising Plurk tonight before finishing up another article, I ran across a long conversation thread begun by Strawberry Singh, one of the excellent models to be found in Second Life, and well known as a public face for the couture house of Zaara Kohine for some time.  It took me by surprise, and was rather dismaying — an account holder on Koinup, the European photo site for exclusive virtual-world work, has been scarfing photos from others, posting them to their account, and claiming them for his/her own.

There was no reason to doubt the word of reputable Residents, but a good journalist checks, and I try to be a good journalist.  Following the link took me to an account named “15love,” and right on the front page were two photos skimmed off blogs, one by Berry and the other by Dailyn Holfe(Note:  in monitoring the account, Dailyn’s picture, which was cropped to remove her name, has disappeared; Berry’s is still up.) Other pictures were attributed to The Sims and IMVU, but the graphic style was clearly not from those worlds.  Some pictures appeared to have been simply slapped into the account without even taking the effort to rename them from the “hash”-style file name automatically assigned to the original by the Koinup system.  I clipped out screenshots, which I serve up below.  (My apologies for the peculiar formatting of the page when you see it; click through on the link.)

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2010 Virtual Hallowe’en Photo Contest

We had such success with the Oscar Fashion Photo Contest back in the first part of the year that I’m gonna do it again, but on a new theme!

It’s mid-September, and we’re heading down toward Samhain, that time when “when the walls between the worlds grow thin, and spirits of the Underworld walk the earth. A night of masques and balefires, when anything is possible and nothing is quite as it seems.”  At this time of the turning of the year, we lean more toward the magical; the sorcerous; sometimes, sadly the demonic.  A lot of the photography in the various Grids echo the tendency, and so this photo contest will be centered on Hallowe’en and mages and spirits of the land.  The rules:

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