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Bienvenue sur le Rue Bourbon, dans le ville de La Nouvelle-Orléans!  At this time of year, the biggest parties of the world are held in Mobile, Rio de Janiero, the Caribbean islands, and especially to American minds, in New Orleans, where Mardi Gras provides the traditional closeout to the church calendar season of Epiphany.  Jem and I took it a little farther than short tops and tons of beads this year; it looks like we should be on a float for one of the famous Crewes!

And no, Peter Minuet, we won’t flash you our boobs for beads.  (Laughing)

Full-size photo (1920 / 16:9 wallpaper size) at Flickr

What are we wearing? Turn the page and see.

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I want to make a fast correction before I go in to work this morning.  In the OFPC Update 3 article, I said that I wasn’t happy with the YS & YS skin I had on in there, because of the shine on my face.  I just couldn’t seem to dim down the gleam anything I did.  Well, since then, I’ve tried the Akeruka stock skins as well, and I still seem to be awful shiny under high-quality lighting setups with WindLight and shadows engaged.  It may be the shadows and materials are what’s creating the situation.  The strange thing is that Jem was using the same settings, and her face didn’t shine like that.  We’ll need to experiment some — and I can foresee a lot of lindens going to skin people, or at least a lot of questions.  In any case, I want this on the record, along with an apology to YS & YS for my mistake.  I’ll be leaving this piece up for about two weeks, and I’ll go correct the referencing article right now.

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Contact Sheet 58 — Magda Schmidtzau   2 comments


Contact Sheet is an irregular column of selected photographs and portraits from Residents of Second Life and other virtual worlds. All rights to featured images are reserved to the artists under appropriate copyright laws and/or allowances under the Creative Commons. Click on the photos to go to the required blog or Flickr page. Please go to these artists’ pages in any case to leave comments (as well as comments here), if you have an account on the appropriate service.

Suggestions are appreciated; please send descriptions and links to me by in-world IM, notecard, E-mail to harper.ganesvoort@gmail.com, or leave a comment below.

NOTICE: Some of the photos/links may contain nudity. Viewer discretion advised.


We’re not the only ones in the Second Life blogosphere who enjoy sharing others’ photographic work with you.  Cajsa Lilliehook has done it irregularly (just like me) in the past, and she recently put up a fresh article on It’s Only Fashion to show some of her current favorites.

They were all good — Cajsa picks good stuff — but one stood out to my own tastes; and quite a bit of her work is just as excellent.  Magda Schmidtzau works largely in the artistic rather than editorial mode; and, when she swings, it’s often a sweet one.  This was the photo that Cajsa chose for her own article:

Anyone familiar with the Art Deco period may see the resemblance we both noticed to the cubist-inspired work of Tamara de Lempicka.  The extra twist here is the futuristic costume and the coloration of the model’s skin; combined with the pose and the background, this makes for an eye-catching and beautiful portrait.

Frida Kahlo has also been an inspiration for Magda; several of her pieces on her Flickr stream, such as this one, are part of an exhibition to the Mexican artist.  Magda’s work often uses various forms of post-processing to achieve the desired effect, and she doesn’t confine herself to any particular school or genre:  portraiture, landscape, graphical forms, color, monochrome, Magda is definitely an experimenter.  The above takes a basic nude model with a headdress of flowers woven into her hair; but then accentuates it with floral-bloom colors and overlays of leaf structure, a background of moving water.  The model seems to be an organic part of her landscape.

While this photo has a feel straight out of the Thirties.  While I’m imagining this to be in the dining car of a Continental train, it could just as easily be at the window seat of a hotel restaurant.  A companion is just suggested by the blurred arm in the foreground, while the depth of field is focused on the model herself.  She, incidentally, has a nice pose with the goblet in her hand, which adds to the general beauty of the photo; the one suggestion I would have made, if possible, would be to use a gripping or fist hand for that arm, which would have completed the illusion of holding the glass quite nicely.  This is a minor stylistic carp on my part, though.

Even her more straightforward photos show an eye for out-of-the-ordinary situations.  This shot was made at an in-world exhibition named Penumbra.

This Resident is an artist definitely worth following, and I urge you to visit her stream and add her to the people you may be following.

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Me and my friends are Jem girls
Jem, Jem is my name
Exciting adventure
Fashion and fame
Once you’re a Jem girl
You’re never the same

C’mon, c’mon and be a Jem girl
Jem, Jem is my name

Jem Opening Theme (variant 1), lyrics by Barry Harman

Come on and be a Jem girl with me

If someone vanishes in Second Life   1 comment

Something to give serious thought about; not that you have to do, but it might be a good thing to do.

Jo Yardley's Second Life

If you’ve been in Second Life for a while, sooner or later someone you know and/or care about will vanish from your virtual life.
They don’t say goodbye, they don’t leave a note, they don’t cancel their rent, they don’t clear their land, they simply never log on again.

There can be many different reasons for someone to just vanish like that, it could be something as innocent as being stuck somewhere during a holiday without internet and losing their rental and deciding they don’t want to return, maybe their computer breaks and they cant afford a new one or maybe they have gotten themselves into some drama in SL and decide that simply staying away is the best solution.
But it could also be something rather serious, they may be very unwell or even have died.

People sometimes don’t realise how much they mean to their virtual friends and community…

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8th Annual Oscar Fashion Photo Contest — Update 3; What We Would Wear   Leave a comment

Last normal update before the contest closes in a few weeks.  The good news is that we have enough entries for a contest.  The bad news is that there’s only 13 entries so far.  That’s way down from past years.  I always work hard to get the word out, but it doesn’t seem to be taking this year.  So I’m calling on all of you who haven’t entered yet, or who haven’t written anything up on the contest this year — help me out.  I want to have the toughest judging year in the eight-year run of this contest!  Start submitting entries to the group, and spread the word!  With 50 grand in linden dollars up for grabs, half to the winner, it’s worth the time to enter — you’ll be able to afford a couple of Catwa heads and a substantial makeup suite, and still have money left over for a new dress!  Plus fame and fortune (at least within Second Life).  So enter now, and get the word out!!!



Jem and I managed to snag a good box at the theatre for this year’s Academy Awards.  And, even though we weren’t nominated for anything, well, this is the Oscars.  You dress to the nines for this show!

See all the discussion on the next page.

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You probably saw Harper’s piece a while back about my not being able to write much for the blog anymore.  The good news is that things aren’t quite as drastic as I may have led her to think.  It’ll still be fun to get some time for writing, but it probably won’t be any worse than I already am, lol.

Anyway, when I let the boss know I’m still available, she asked me to do a fast one to link to the current issue of Eclipse Magazine.  Their cover story this month, written by Cajsa Lilliehook of It’s Only Fashion, is on Strawberry Singh.  But it’s not the usual fashion piece, like you’d see in the past on her (I’ve done some checking).  Berry is one of the more prominent and outspoken women within Second Life working for preservation of women’s and immigrant rights.  This lets her in for a lot of “criticism” — if you can really call it that.  Please be sure to read the article.

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