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I had a chance to get back in world after the previous article, and managed to put this together.  If anyone is interested, I will share with them the pose animation I created to do this photo — a pale, pale shadow indeed of the original Wyeth painting.  Contact me by comment or by notecard in world.

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A Bit of Truth   1 comment

“I can’t work completely out of my imagination. I must put my foot in a bit of truth; and then I can fly free.” — Andrew Wyeth


You’ve probably noticed in my photographs of myself that I tend toward the grand as much as anything, at least in shots where I’m in a “character” mode.  The quality of my work, as a result, is…somewhat variable.  When I think I get it right, I get it right; but it’s all too easy to get it wrong when I’m trying to portray something out of my “own pure brain,” and I eventually see it as on the baroque side, if not positively rococo.

When I am not photographing myself or someone else, though, I search more for the mood that comes out of the sim I’m in; I reach for what some might have referred to as the genius loci, the spirit of the place that infuses it and protects it.  I search for what I hope is the truth of the place; and in this, I try to emulate one of my favorite artists, Andrew Wyeth.

I fell in love with Wyeth’s work in the 1980s, when I was returning to college to begin my degrees.  The Helga Paintings had been announced to the public and were going on exhibition then, and I started researching as much as I could on the work of Wyeth.  Andrew was always a controversial painter — his work was both admired and scorned, sometimes by the same critic.  This is probably the best compliment an artist could receive;  it means his output is being seen, studied and discussed.  Above all, he sought for the elemental truth inside what he beheld, and tried to crystallize it into an extremely realistic, minimalistic clarity.  His best work captures enough to speak volumes in the simplest of tones and the fewest, most primal forms.  Go and look his work up in an images search, and see what he had to say to us.


But you can also explore this yourself in Second Life.  I took these photos at The Gates of Melancholy, a region built in tribute to Andrew Wyeth’s world.  If you are knowledgeable and have an eye and memory, you can see elements of some of Wyeth’s most famous work, such as the field and buildings of Christina’s World.  Even the grass is wonderfully reminiscent of Wyeth’s masterful skill with the brush.


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Rest In My Arms, Beloved   Leave a comment


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Thinking of New York — September 11, 2016   Leave a comment


Remembering this day fifteen years ago, when the world changed forever for all of us.

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Harper suggested we go check out a club called Cyberia Openstage.  The Destination Guide (a handy thing at times for newbies or relative newbies for finding fresh places; even you oldbies should try it sometimes) lists it as “a sci-fi themed place with an open stage for all aspiring and established deejays.”  And we loved it when we got there; someone was playing electronica at the time, and a batch of people were grooving the beat.  We recommend it for music and dancing, if you ever want to go clubbing someplace that doesn’t require a ball gown.

Looking for photos of Cyberia? Not here, but edgy fashion, yes. Turn the page.

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The sun was setting while I was coming down from the space station following a photo shoot with Jemmy.  I walked in the house, and saw my shadow on the entranceway wall; and, despite the shadow of the blinds on the window through which the sun was shining, I just had to shoot these photos.

I’m so glad that I have a computer with enough horsepower that it doesn’t choke when I turn on shadows.  It enriches my palette for photography so much!  I only wish, beyond the louver matter mentioned above, is that I could get close enough to reveal how tall my heels are here in both photos.  You’ll see Jem’s photos in her article when she gets them out of post — I always insist we do at least a little cropping, and sign our work.  You can probably guess whose hair I’m wearing, though, if you have a long memory for hairstyles.  (Thanks, Poulet!)

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Update, September 9:  The Resident is Bethany Felisimo; she contacted me via Flickr.  Thanks Bethy!  I’m correcting the article now below.

Contact Sheet header

Contact Sheet is an irregular column of selected photographs and portraits from Residents of Second Life and other virtual worlds. All rights to featured images are reserved to the artists under appropriate copyright laws. Click on the links as necessary to go to the required blog or Flickr page. Please go to these artists’ pages in any case to leave comments, (as well as comments here), if you have an account on the appropriate service.

Suggestions are appreciated; please send descriptions and links to me by in-world IM, notecard, E-mail to harper.ganesvoort@gmail.com, or leave a comment below.

NOTICE: Some of the photos/links may contain nudity. Viewer discretion advised.


In the struggle to get your work seen and recognized on Flickr, I sometimes scrounge through group lists to find groups I haven’t joined yet, that I can add work I think I did good at onto.  (Or just add stuff, where the admins are easy.  Yes, my precious, I like to see the numbers turn over and get higher.)  In the process of checking out groups, I run into other photographers whose work I like to fave — or to fave and give additional recognition to.  (That’s the main reason for Contact Sheet, after all.)

Bethany Felisimo’s profile on Flickr lists her simply as an “Aussie girl,” and that she’s been on Flickr since November 2008.  But I can also tell you that I just added three of her photos to my Contact Sheet group in about ten minutes.  As I said to her in a comment, she has both talent and imagination and Eye, that something that allows a person to combine the first two into work that deserves recognition.  Here are the three I just added to the group, along with a few others.  Please click through, and take a look at her body of work.

Snap Do It June #12 Eyes Have It

See four more after the break; this artist is excellent!

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