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Finesmith Julia 2

You can’t get much redder than this ensemble from Finesmith. Yula is getting more and more into the couture side of fashion, and this outfit, complete with shoes, “gorget” and SLink nail appliers, comes in several colors; but Keiko finds red about as perfect a color as anything.

Oh, the lady in red, the fellahs are crazy for the lady in red
She’s a bit gaudy, but lawdy, what a personality

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Femme Fatale   Leave a comment

A fast one today; I’m running way behind.

Femme Fatale

Femme Fatale 2

Femme Fatale 3


The details:

  • Skin: PXL Faith (SK NE LEB) (vintage)
  • Eyes: Poetic Colors Opal Eyes (Sun Wave; medium bright)
  • Hair: Vanity Hair Moonriver
  • Attachments: Slink Hands (L – Elegant; R – Casual)
  • Dress: Valentina e. Unstoppable Latex Dress M Amethyst
  • Shoes: BAX Prestige Boots (Silver)
  • Accessories: ryvolter Maxine Shoulder Stole (Snow); Eclectic Randomness cigarette holder (White, with exhaler); Lazuri Cocoa Island Special Edition Violets suite (group gift); private label diamond ring (not for sale)
  • Makeup (application order): Oceane Diva Cat Eyeshadow (Purple); *BOOM* Liquid Glaze liner (Silver) (vintage); cheLLe Eyelashes 6; Glamorize Dirty Babe Lipstick (Chocolate Shoppe)

Photographed (first photo) in LEA2 Region

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Elanor: New Friend On the Island   1 comment

Adoring Elanor

I’ve been working on various things, but I’ve also been getting acquainted with my new friend here.  Meet Elanor, a purebred Firestorm KittyCat, acquired during the fifth anniversary celebration for the independent Second Life client.  She’s full-grown now, and reminds me in her chunkiness of one of my RL cats, which I’ve had to put on a diet to get her weight down.  But she’s a beauty any road, needs remarkably little care, and seems very content to live in the house for the long times I’m not on hand there.  I’ve taken her up to the starbase once, but she can’t wander the halls, due to the construction of the linking modules.  If I ever free up some room and redesign the place with the custom-layout walls from Exosphere, I’ll be able to do halls without thresholds.

In the meantime, Elanor hangs around the house.  I did let her outside one time, but she promptly plunged into the pool, and just started walking around there, trying to find a way out.  I’ll need to see if moving her out farther, onto the grass, will solve that problem.  But if you meet her during October, when I’ll be opening up the Cayo to visitors for listening to MPIR Mystery Radio, make sure to take a minute and give her some petting.

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After Labor Day On the Lakeshore   Leave a comment

Time to travel from the sands of Egypt to a far colder stretch of sand — about 50 or 60 degrees Fahrenheit colder.

Tranquility Dreams 1

Latifah is walking the beach on a post-Labor Day morning, when everyone has gone back south across the Mackinac Bridge1 to return to school or work from summer vacation. You can see the Lake there in the distance. And when I say “the Lake,” that’s exactly what I mean — not some hole in the ground, only a few miles wide and maybe fifty feet deep. She’s up near Marquette, on THE Lake, Lake Superior; the largest, widest, deepest, coldest and most unforgiving of the five Great Lakes. The water temp hangs in the fifties in the summertime, so a swim in Lake Superior is, shall we say, refreshing. This is the lake that sunk the Edmund Fitzgerald (more about her in the early part of November) in one of the mighty November “witch” storms that can swirl up over it in that storm-tossed month.

Tranquility Dreams 2

Superior, though, has other faces, of beauty both soft and majestic, and a simple walk on the shore on a quiet morning can reveal them to you. Latifah is walking here in a new combo from Vero Modero; the silk skirt caught my eye first, then the nice combination of red “wrapper,” perfect for a cool pre-fall morning. Wedges might have been better for walking in the sand than high-heel sandals, but hey, this is fashion!

Tranquility Dreams 3


1 That’s pronounced “MACK-ih-Naw” for you poor non-Michiganders who can’t speak Huron tribe words (grin).


The details:

  • Skin: Angel Rock Skin Laura (Ebony M1)
  • Eyes: EarthStones Idol Eyes (Moldavite)
  • Hair: Truth Hair Lunara
  • Attachments: Slink High Feet and Casual Hands
  • Nails:  A:S:S The Deep
  • Outfit: Vero Modero Alin Chic Skirt Set (white cami / red wrapper / striped black silk skirt)
  • Shoes: Baby Monkey Ola Sandals
  • Accessories: EarthStones The Countess Eyeglasses; EarthStones Ghana suite – necklace, earrings (Ashanti)
  • Makeup (attachment order): SlackGirl Sunshine 04; Eyelash 1; Glamorize New Occasion Lips (Bourbon)

Photographed in Tranquility Dreams region.

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Speak Again the Name   Leave a comment

It is said that, when a person’s name is spoken or thought, then that person shall have life eternal, no matter when they may have lived, no matter when they may have died.

Who do we speak of? Turn the page to see in brief….

Under the Sands of Nile Valley   Leave a comment

I recently took a photo in Terra Egypta region; and then a local archaeologist clued me in on something that I need to share with you.

Under the Sands

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New Hover Height Setting   3 comments

Here’s a tip for you:  if you’re using the newer clients, such as the latest version of Firestorm, don’t be surprised if some people tell you that you’re walking through the ground occasionally.  The thing is that, if you’re correcting your hover with the new “on-the-fly” hover height setting in right-click context menu, it will be visible only in the new viewers, similar to mesh only being visible in viewers built to accept mesh.  If this bothers you, you can still modify the actual hover number on the shape itself (assuming you have a modifiable shape).  However, as the new-viewer titer grows, this will change.

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