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“I trace my family history so I’ll know who to blame….”

Just Genealogy 1

In going with the theme of this article, I’m shooting these photos at the lot owned by the Second Life group, Just Genealogy, which assists members with suggestions and training on how to obtain needed information for their family history research.  This brand-new “romper” from Styles by Danielle is perfect for a hot summer day in Second Life. It comes in a selection of colors; I’m wearing the Prussian blue, fitting for someone of German descent (grin).

My husband comes from a long line of Southern professionals — accountants, engineers, physicians, even a very prominent pharmacist in a regional city.  As for me, it looks as if I come from a long line of — immigrant German farmers.  I believe they came in via Pennsylvania, and worked their way across that very large state — I used to live there — into Ohio, and from there up into Michigan.  (There’s no evidence yet that any of them fought on either side in the Toledo War; if so, I hope they fought on the Michigan side [grin].)

How do I know these things?  Through genealogy, the study of family history stretching back through the generations.  Almost everyone wonders at one point or another, “Where do I really come from?  Who was before me, and what kind of people were they like?”  Genealogy is the study that aids you in filling in the information, through rigorous science and technique.

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How Do I Keep My Hair In Place Driving This Thing b 1

“Hmmm…?  Oh; hello, dear.  How can I help you tonight?…”

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July 4th

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Pull Yourself Together_001

Ah, the joys of trying to rezz in a busy event region…. (This was at Rhapsody yesterday.)

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Circle In The Sand 2

Sundown all around
Walking through the summer’s end
Waves crash
Baby don’t look back
I won’t walk away again

Circle In The Sand 3

Oooooh, baby, anywhere you go
We are bound together
I begin, baby, where you end
Some things are forever

Circle in the sand, ’round and ’round
Neverending love is what we’ve found
And you complete the heart of me
Our love is all we need
Circle in the sand, circle in the sand

– “Circle In the Sand” by Ellen Shipley and Rick Nowels; performed by Belinda Carlisle

Circle In The Sand 4


The details:

Photographed at The Trace region

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Home 1

I don’t recall right now if I’ve mentioned this before, but I recently evaluated finances, and decided I could expand my land holdings.  So, when I discovered that the quarter-sim lot next to mine was up for grabs, I talked to Marina Xi of GlenXi Estates, my landlords, and boosted myself from a quarter to a half-sim.  This gives me plenty of prims for both my starbase operations overhead, and for living below, provided that I don’t go crazy dirtside.  With some changing around of houses and land arrangement, I now have a nice setup in both directions, in space and on the surface.  You’ve seen shots of the starbase before, which will be where I keep my primary offices for this blog, Harper’s Art and Photographs, and other potential operations.  This article talks about my new home setup.

Turn the page for more photos.

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On a Lazy River

This summer’s hot, and so I’m taking a break in one of the rivers that wends through my property.  I shouldn’t have really done it — but, of course, this is virtuality, and so I can wear my shoes into a wet situation like this and not worry about ruining them.

And nice shoes they are, too.  New mesh flat sandals from Zaara, available in a variety of colors and with jeweled and beaded upper straps, they make a pair of SLink low/flat feet very attractive indeed.  Go not (yet) to Zaara’s store for these, though; she’s selling them through a store shack at Summerfest ’14, which is running currently in Pacific Isle region.  This extravaganza is busy right now, so you may need a few tries to get in.  She’s selling them along with a nice one-piece swimsuit.  (Not the one I’m wearing here, obviously; this is the bikini — and whoa, what a bikini! — sold by R2 at this month’s Collarbor88, and I thank Connie Arida for turning me on to this one!)

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