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The time has finally come; we’ve purchased a new desktop computer.  The husband and I will be setting this thing up over the next day or two, so that will interrupt the flow of matters, until we get this thing screaming.  I’ll be back as soon as I can!

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U is for — Urizaska   Leave a comment

U is for Urizaska

I thought I was gonna have a hard time with U for Vanessa Blaylock’s alphabetical inventory challenge — but I ran across these glasses/sunshades from Urizaska.  They’re menu-driven, and my current preferred glasses when I go walking in the sunshine.

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T is for — Tube Dress   Leave a comment

T is for Tube Dress

This Audrey tube dress from PurpleMoon is made of mesh leather, and fits quite nicely….  (knowing smile)

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S is for — Sydney   Leave a comment

As in Sydney Harbor Bridge, Australia.  And how did I fit Sidney Harbor Bridge into my Inventory, you ask?

S is for Sydney

Very simple.  I’ve admired this poster, released to publicize the opening of the Bridge in 1932, for years, and turned it into a print.  (I first saw it at an Outback restaurant in Tuscaloosa.)

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R is for — Rebel Hope   Leave a comment

R is for Rebel Hope

Rebel Hope has been on the Grid as long as I can remember, and I’ve been stopping in more and more over the past year.  I picked up this gown, Lola, for the — intriguing — halter top covered with stars; and I match it here with similarly decorated pumps from Danielle.  (It’s red, too — another R!)

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Q is for — Quartz   Leave a comment

Q is for Quartz

No, Q is not for “queen,” although that would be the easiest thing.  (How many of us girls don’t have a few royal costumes socked away in inventory [grin]?)  I wanted something different.  Quartz is also a “common” available item, but not as common as royalty, I suspect.  So, for Vanessa Blaylock’s alphabetical inventory challenge, I pulled out these Ruffle Around earrings with quartz centers.  They’re probably best for a daytime look, but they have some versatility to them, depending on the nighttime dress you choose.

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P is for — Pipe   2 comments

P is for Pipe

Smokin’ again, I know.  But it’s such a nice pipe:  one of the two Bouhachi kiseru pipes released by Rozoregalia.  Script-driven with nine poses and smoke on or off.

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