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Normally, I like to note how difficult the judging on the year’s Oscar Fashion Photo Contest is, how many excellent photos were submitted and how many cuts I had to drive through to get to a final seven — and then how to arrange them out.  This year, it wasn’t that difficult, at least in one sense.  The final tally of entries was less than 40.  This is a little disappointing, but I can put it down to the “fun” I experience in getting the word out every year.  It’s always been a struggle for some reason, and I’ll need to rethink how I go about this in 2016.

But we did get enough entries for an actual contest, between people doing it themselves, advertising, and some pure out-and-out wheedling on my part, so here we go!

Turn the page for this year’s winners.

Leonard Nimoy, 1931-2015   2 comments


If you’re of my generation and into science fiction, you grew up with Star Trek.  And one of the great cast of that show — and extremely popular with the ladies — was Leonard Nimoy, who personified the logical lifeforms of the planet Vulcan in his character of Spock. His family announced Nimoy’s passing today from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, possibly caused by smoking back in his earlier days.

Nimoy was a versatile actor, and played in roles other than that iconic one — I recall him as Paris, the master of disguise who took over from Martin Laudau’s “Rollin Hand” on Mission:  Impossible.  (He also had notoriety as one of the aliens in the old Republic serial, Zombies of the Stratosphere.)  But he became almost indelibly associated with the Vulcan from those 79 episodes of Star Trek.  The role at times felt as an albatross about his neck; however, he came back to it in the end, filming nine Star Trek movies as Spock, including both of the movies so far in the J. J. Abrams reboot of the ST Universe, and a two-part episode of Star Trek:  The Next Generation.

The strange and fantasial became something of a stock in trade for him:  a part in the 1978 remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers alongside Donald Sutherland; and he narrated the Alan Landsburg syndicated television series In Search Of…. for its entire run.  Beyond these things, though, he was much more — Theo van Gogh in Vincent; Morris Meyerson in the miniseries A Woman Called Golda (opposite Ingrid Bergman); a director of both movies and television.  His distinctive voice and cadence made him a natural choice for work as a narrator and voice actor — he appeared several times on The Simpsons as himself, did “recitations” on the computer game Civilization IV, and did recordings alongside the a capella group The Western Wind in celebration of the holy days of his Jewish background and faith.  And I know of at least one exhibition of his photography, as well as his two memoirs and poetry.  Truly a Renaissance man in his achievements.

He will be missed.

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6th Annual Oscar Fashion Photo Contest — Final Update   Leave a comment

It’s not going to be over-difficult to judge this year’s OFPC, at least in one sense.  I still have less than 20 entries this year.  If you’ve been trying to make up your mind over entering, it’s time to get off the dime; there’s under a week to go before it closes for this year.  Come on, folks, it’s usually not this difficult to give away money!


Of course, it’s always a tradition for me to show off what I’d wear to the Academy Awards.  Several nice gowns came out just recently, and I was thinking of a group gift from PurpleMoon, to be truthful.  But, in the end, I chose this:

My Oscar Gown 1

Luscious emerald silk from Baiastice in this case, supported halter-style by a gold necklet looped through a slit in the cleavage.  It catches attention with the rich color, the sinuous hugging of my curves, and that little peekaboo right there, and that daring yet demure slit.  And it’s framed in a location that works well for functions like the Oscars — or would if it was real:  the Rose Theatre complex.  This is something of a go-to location for red-carpet photographers, and not just because of the red carpet; it has all these wonderful vistas and long hallways, making for lots of Grand Entrance possibilities.  It was the most often used backdrop in last year’s contest, and the one I chose for my own photos.

My Oscar Gown 4


I was going to wear my usual red hair — one reason I went with green, of course — then threw tradition to the wind on a whim, and went blonde.  The jewelry is from Chop Zuey — Belle Roussel is becoming a tradition for me for evening wear, unless I plop for Lazuri.

My Oscar Gown 5

My best prim lashes — meaning the ones I have the best adjusted to my eyes — are an old set from Miamai.  A little glittery, but that works with evening wear.


The details:

  • Skin: Glam Affair Cleo (America – Clean B)
  • Eyes: Vision by A:S:S Adref eyes (evening sky)
  • Hair: Truth Sally (blonde)
  • Attachments: SLink Casual hands and Medium feet
  • Nails: A:S:S Serenata (SLink applier)
  • Gown: Baiastice Karin (Emerald)
  • Shoes: ANE Opulence Heels (Black – SLink feet)
  • Jewelry: Chop Zuey Hearts of Hope suite (platinum)
  • Makeup: Senzafine Safira Eyeshadow (Azure); Buzzeri Gem Lips (Ruby – no longer available?); Miamai Catwalk Lashes

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Berry’s Monday Memes: Have you ever SecondLifed?   Leave a comment

There should be a (sic) beside that “SecondLifed,” but I digress….  Strawberry Singh’s latest Monday Meme is a set of light questions, incredibly easy and fun to answer.  Give it a shot yourself!  Just remember to link back to Berry’s original article, so others can get to your answers.


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New World Notes: Weekend Second Life Machinima: “Smooth Criminal” Dance Video That’s One-Take, Shot-Handheld, Super-Cool   Leave a comment

I wasn’t able to watch this entire machinima when I first pulled up the article, but I will catch it later.  This…is…good.

New World Notes: Weekend Second Life Machinima: “Smooth Criminal” Dance Video That’s One-Take, Shot-Handheld, Super-Cool.

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Check Out the Latest Improvements to Second Life   Leave a comment

Thanks much to Daniel Voyager for this news.  Linden Lab will be rolling out some delicious changes to Second Life in the upcoming months.  Not all of them may be useful to everybody, but everyone should find something in this batch to like.  Read the article, and salivate!!

Check Out the Latest Improvements to Second Life.

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Does Second Life history matter?   Leave a comment

Harper Ganesvoort:

History is definitely important, whether the world be real or virtual. Be sure to take a look at this, and visit the LEA region with the exhibit. You can test your knowledge by taking the quiz (linked to in this article). I took it; and, despite being around since 2007 and doing a lot of reading about SL, scored only 68%. A pass, but just!

Originally posted on Canary Beck:

The History of Second Life - 1In this post, I’ll share why I think it’s important to know our history – even if it’s virtual – my impressions of the new Second Life history exhibition at LEA17, my suggestions on improving and enhancing the exhibition, and my hopes for the future of exhibits like these.

Why is Second Life history important?

I’m fascinated by history. I see it in everything, everywhere, and all the time. I’m even interested in the history of Second Life. What? Second Life has a history? Sure it does, and it’s a very interesting history too! But why should we care? Why do we have to remember all those facts years after they happened. It’s not like there’s a test is there? After all, what difference does yesterday’s news make?

A lot.

In the introduction to his YouTube video series on Crash Course: World History, John Green answers the question that nearly every teacher has…

View original 2,997 more words

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