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Second Life is about more than fashion, than sex, than dancing and parties.  Second Life is about what you make it — completely and truly.  Fashion and pretty vistas are mostly my thing (especially because I don’t have the tools or time to do the creations I’d really like to attempt), but others have done far more creative work.  For instance, The Basilique Performing Arts Company has produced a movie, based on their very popular performance of Bunyan’s Paradise Lost.  You can find out lots of juicy details here, including how to win a shot at L$20,000 in a photo contest!

Paradise Lost – The Movie to open this September.

Paradise Lost The Movie Contest

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“Jeans represent democracy in fashion.” — Giorgio Armani

COCO Uber 1

I think I’d stretch that quote to denim overall.  (“No, not overalls, ya nimrod; go get your ears flushed.”)

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Copyright 2015 by PC Mag.

Copyright 2015 by PC Mag.

I have returned from the world of updating Windows 8.1, also known as the Mildly Darned, to Windows 10.  And I can pretty reliably report to those considering it, or waiting to get the green flag from Microsoft, that it was a 99% smooth ride.

The worst part was the wait while everything downloaded and installed; but even that is not as bad as previous editions of Windows.  I got my current Black Tower of Elminster done in 1.25 hour, give or take maybe five minutes.  There were no glitches in the process, only two restarts, and it seemed a very satisfying operation.  I would counsel you to make sure your antivirus software is up to date, to be sure it’s running correctly with Windows 10 from the get go, and to recheck it when the new install settles in for fresh update files and drivers.  A reasonable precaution here, which may save much hassle in the future.

The most surprising moment was, ironically, when I went to open Firestorm.  I got a notice saying it couldn’t find my graphics card.  A quick dive into Control Panel to update Nvidia’s driver, and all seems to be well now; I’ve signed in, cleared my waiting notifications and shot a light photo (but still at 4,000 pixels), and all seems smooth.  So definitely update your graphics driver before starting a client; it would need it anyway, so it makes sense to do it before starting up anything that’s graphics-intensive, like Second Life.

Perhaps the most pleasant thing?  That Which Was Lost has now been Found — the Start Button has returned!  Microsoft, in its infinite insanity of trying to be over-current with the times, dropped Start in Windows 8.  It has now been restored, and no workarounds from third-party vendors are required.

This is by no means a comprehensive endorsement of Windows 10 yet.  Reviews from PC Mag have been excellent, and I’ve encountered no great problems to date; but one of my spies reports there have been some complaints about drivers for some programs updating, then Win 10 slams them back to the old driver on restart.  I haven’t encountered this yet, but I may not use whatever software these people were using.  Your Mileage May Vary. I also haven’t tried out the new Edge browser to see if it is an actual improvement over Internet Exploiter, uh, Explorer; though, again, the reviewers have been fairly complimentary.  At this point, though, I would encourage you to go ahead and update.  It’s free (for a year, to current users who have a compatible computer), it’s comprehensive, and I haven’t crashed yet.  Give it a shot and see what you get.

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Reve d'Espoir 1

…Ah, but a man’s reach should exceed his grasp,
Or what’s a heaven for…?

Robert Browning, from “Andrea del Sarto”

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Writing from Destin, Florida:

Copyright 2015 by Gidge Uriza.

Gidge Uriza sums it up rather nicely in her article at Its Only Fashion, which I link to for today’s big reblog.  Hair Fair every year gives us a chance to stock up on wigs for our already ready-to-explode Inventories, and I’m on of the thousands of avatars who loves to go there, fight the crowds when needed, and purchase what strikes my fancy.  But, if I could get in world today, I’d try to remember to take off my hair and wear some kind of bandanna — because Hair Fair every year is also to support and remember the kids who don’t have the beauty, luxury — or necessity — of hair in even Real Life.

Wigs for Kids exists for the purpose of supplying hair to children who, for various medical reasons, have little or no hair.  We as adults feel it when we have a “bad hair day,” and those of us who have undergone chemotherapy know how embarrassed we feel when we start having to cover our heads as the tufts of hair are falling out.  Children feel it even more, though; they’re at a stage of development where image is so much more important, where teasing can be cuttingly cruel, or where they just want to look like the others around them.  We remember these little ones on the final day of every Hair Fair by wearing a bandanna instead of the “hair” we normally sport.

Wigs for Kids helps these children reclaim their self-esteem.  But it ain’t cheap, not by a long shot.  The mission page at WfK tells us that each wig is custom designed, handmade from human hair, and the average cost is $1,800.  That’s U. S. dollars, people, not lindens.  You can gather from this that the organization needs all the help it can get, but in two different forms, not just one.

The obvious one is what Hair Fair is for.  If you haven’t been there yet, today is your last chance for the year; go find something that makes you look ravishing when you aren’t wearing your bandanna — you did get one of those, too, right?  They’re available in every Fair sim in a special shop, for donations of 50 or 100 lindens, chump change.  But buy some wigs for Second Life, and help by your purchase to buy some wigs for the kids.  Large numbers of the vendors will dedicate at least a percentage to Wigs for Kids from every purchase, and some of the designers sign over all their sales from the vendors during this fortnight to the cause.  Be generous, please.  And, if you somehow miss Hair Fair, or just decide not to go (silly girls and boys!), go to their site and give a direct donation.

But another way to help is to donate hair.  That’s a roger, RL hair.  Like I said above, the kids’ wigs are 100% human hair, no synthetics.  You have to get the hair somewhere.  The Web site also has an aid to finding a salon that will help harvest tails of hair from donors — a minimum of 12 straight inches; pull curly hair straight to be sure — for sending in to the organization.  You can find the details here.  My own family has done this in the past when we’ve had the length, and hope to again in the future.

It’s not a hairy thing to help out here; indeed, the good work here can only grow in length.  (Sorry, that’s the best I can do writing fast here.  Any road, please help out.  And remember Hair Fair next year as well!)

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Harper Ganesvoort:

Writing from Destin, Florida:

Nana Minuet wears a lovely outfit here which you can find at the current Shiny Shabby; but I think the jacket is what really puts this ensemble together. Well styled, Nana!

Originally posted on Nana Minuet:


Mesh Head:.LeLutka.Mesh Head-STELLA v1.1
Skin Applier:[theSkinnery] London (LeLutka Applier) (champagne)
Make up Applier:Glam Affair ( LeLutka Heads ) Karin Applier
Hair:!Ohmai Salon: Tako –New@Hair Fair 2015
Earrings:LaGyo_Anantha earrings B Gold –New@TSS
Dress:** DIRAM ** JELENA Body&Fringed skirt – Beige–New@ Shiny Shabby
Coat:** DIRAM ** JELENA Shoulder Coat – Black&Beige Sequin–New@ Shiny Shabby
Clutch:Baiastice_Xey Clutch-Copper
Shoes:JD – Milva Maitreya–New@Uber
Pose:-.Label motion.- Coffee Pose

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Harper Ganesvoort:

Mai Michinaga offers this lovely gown from AZUL for your consideration. along with a Truth Hair updo and jewelry by Virtual Impressions.

Originally posted on Mai Michinaga :

AZUL LUANA Portfolio #2_003

Available at AZUL Mainstore , AZUL’s Luana Gown.

☆ -AZUL- Luana Dress /Champagne & Noir
☆ Virtual Impressions – Felicity Black Pearls & Diamonds Set
☆ Essenz Sicily in Black
Photo Credit: MMichinaga
Location: Sable Club, Floris

AZUL Main store :

Flickr [Releases]:
Flickr [Your Posts!]:

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