Ready for Oscar Night

I wasn’t planning on putting up any more photos from other Residents for a few weeks, but I spotted this after posting this morning’s Contact Sheet, and it was too good to hold back. Connie Sec again, in something that would make every fashion critic drool for as she walked into the Kodak to prepare for her presentation turn for best picture:

Ready for the red carpet

The gown is by Pixel Mode, the hair by Truth. And Joan Rivers would shoot herself on seeing this. It reminds me of Charlize Theron a few times, like in that orange number with the shoulder clips some years ago. Young, sexy but with an old-school sophistication that is gradually coming back.

If I had to match this, I’d wear one of my Nadirra gowns from Last Call at first guess, such as this (which I’ve published before), but with a different, more formal updo hairstyle:

Nadirra, by Ginny Talamasca

What would others of you wear? Send me links to Flickr photos or blog articles in the comments below.

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