A Tip for New Merchants

And the tip is:  before you rent your storefront in a mall or similar, look up the group and make sure the officers have been logging in recently.

“Whatcha talkin’ about?” you say?  Well, yesterday, I had discovered a mall that seemed to have a bit of traffic to it, with what seemed a reasonable rent/prim rate, and I plunked down a week’s rent on it, proceeding to set up my OnRez vendors.  After I did that, I looked up the group to request an invitation to join.  (Just like most rented houses and apartments, you need to belong to a land group to build anything in the plot you’re borrowing the rights to.)  Well, I got the listing for their group — and guess what it said under every visible line in the members box?  Last login:  “Unknown.”  Whoever were the owners of this place, it had been so long since they had logged in that the date wasn’t even listed!  I sent a forlorn request for membership, but I’m not expecting a reply any time soon.

The bad thing is that I lost money.  The good thing:  it was only about L$250 or so.  I consider it a small price to pay, but I’m passing the words to the wise on to you.  I’ll save you the money this way if you decide to open your own store.

Oh, my store?  Where is it, you say?  Well, you could click the button in the sidebar and go to OnRez; but you’ll find my little place in Creamy Dreamz.  I don’t have tons of stock in yet, but I’m gradually growing it.


UPDATE, 2010 — My store has long since moved; pay no attention to the above link (grin).

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