Nearly a Year of Second Life Blogging

I’m just two days short, actually; since my schedule is getting hectic lately, I figured I’d write my anniversary article now.

And what a long, strange year it’s been, friends.  I figured I’d be doing mostly a travelogue blog, taking some pictures here and there, and maybe showing off my building talents.  Instead, I’ve turned into something of a secondhand reporter/commentator on Grid news and issues, found a favorite club I love to extol the virtues of (even as I fight the lag from its popularity), done some spontaneous modeling (including a few shots for friends Cajsa Lilliehook and Gidge Uriza), inadvertently become the primary source for a photo of Diana Ewing as Droxine, and turned into quite the amateur photographer instead of a builder.

What’s all this added up to in terms of the blog?  Well, if you don’t mind a brain-numbing load of statistics, then turn the page and follow….

And here we are!  First of all, the big numbers:  209 posts (including this one).  You might add in a post or two by the 20th, which is the official anniversary day.  And number of visitors:  18,069 as of this moment.  That works out to somewhere in the neighborhood of 40-50 visits a day  My best day so far was back on October 3, when I helped keep the argument over the validity of ARC going.  That one article had 147 hits, and the total for the day was 206 overall.  That ain’t shabby to me (grin).  My best month was also October, with over 2,600 visits.

And here’s the top twenty articles:

1 year blog statsMany of these are obvious, especially to regular readers, and so I’ll skip them in what’s not the most fascinating of articles.  There are just a couple of oddballs, though….

It used to be that the top article was “Meet Me At Frank’s Place.”  That one still ranks at #9, with 324 visits; however, it’s been long ago surpassed by “Custom Couture by Hanalyn,” which talked about the custom Star Trek dress I commissioned from a designer in my early months.   It’s not the main subject matter, though, that’s shoved it to a three-times-higher hit rate than the Frank’s piece.  Rather, it’s the one photograph from Star Trek of the original gown, worn by Diana Ewing in “The Cloud Minders,” that has brought in all the traffic.  I’ve searched before myself for photos when setting up my request to make the gown, and there weren’t many good ones available of Diana full length; which makes me believe that I’m somehow satisfying the needs of a whole bunch of Trekkies or fanboys (grin).

A similar thing happened with the Arcana Nuevo piece, where I wrote a “secret agent travelogue.”  I was seeing if Gehn, the bad guy of the Myst/Uru cycle of computer games, had somehow escaped his prison and camped out in Second Life.  It turns out that bunches of people from the old Uru Online MMORPG have been looking for good pictures of the Moiety Dagger, and one of mine filled the bill!  I still get visits from Uru forums, following the link someone posted to my article.

One piece I’m glad to see in the top 10 is one of my Contact Sheet columns — not the particular article, but just that Contact Sheet is become a stopping place.  Which reminds me that it’s time to start putting together a fresh column; it’s been over a month, and I was trying to keep to at least one per.

And that’s all the reflection for now.  Time to begin another year, see if I can keep up the quality, and perhaps improve it.  Thanks all for visiting, and I hope you keep coming back!

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