Hair Fair Outrageous Styles 1

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be featuring some of the more extreme or just plain interesting styles I found while traveling this year’s Hair Fair.  The ordinary stuff has its place, but sometimes you just gotta wig out, ya know?  I hope you’ll enjoy these; let me have your comments!


Kiss Kira

I suppose the case could be made that Kiss’ Kira style (a freebie at her booth) isn’t that extreme or over the top.  The main thing here is that I love the ornament on the right side.  The little silver flower is cute, and I enjoy the dangling chain as well.  One has to wonder if those are handcuffs attached to the flower, not rings; but your mileage may vary here….

Sparkle Skye Helena

Sparkle Skye created Helena under the direct influence of the ancient Greeks or Romans, I’d say; it’s very reminiscent of something from the classical period.  Note the little gems decorating the upsweep.

Sparkle Skye Mui

Her Mui, on the other hand, is all loops and braids, and would not be out of place in a cyber region, with the wearer in a plugsuit.

Sparkle Skye Naima

Sparkle’s Naima is even more braids.  I’ve seen something resembling this in Roman-themed movies as well, but it doesn’t completely strike me as that kind of influence.

Vanity Hair Herma

I won’t even guess where Vanity’s Herma came from; I just enjoy the corkscrew locks and the thick upswept hooks that must have taken a bucket of freeze or gel to create!

Vanity Hair Medusa

And Vanity’s Medusa, as you can see, lives up to its name.  I love these multidimensional art forms that you can wear; creativity can be found just as clearly in hairstyles as in other things involved in the art of fashion.

Until next time, hair’s looking at you!

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