Koinup and Flickr Photo Groups

Shooting snapsWhen Koinup opened up the groups feature, putting them on a nearly even keel with Flickr, they satisfied a pent-up demand.  There was an explosion of group creation within just the first few days, most of them open to more virtual worlds than just Second Life.  This has tapered off with time, of course, but new groups are still formed periodically to organize the rich diversity of images and imagination available in the Metaverse.

I’ve founded a few group in my time on Koinup as well, including some in the early rush, focusing (of course) on my particular interests.  Gee, I wonder what those are?  (Laughing) No, though, not entirely hair and fashion.  There are a few others as well!

If you’re curious, or (even better) if you have something you want to add to them, why not check out the following:

I’ve also created a few groups in Flickr.  (I do more in Koinup in that sense, as the landscape is not so crowded there; this avoids repetition.)

Please stop on by and check these groups out; they’re not all me and my photography!  And, if you have some shots to share and you’re a member of the appropriate service, add them on in; if you’re not a member, join up!

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Posted September 27, 2009 by Harper Ganesvoort in Meta, Photographs

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