It’s More Real Than You Think….

People look rather askance at many of us Residents when we say that Second Life is more than a game.  What they don’t realize is that we build friendships, community and joy into this virtual world.  When something happens to one of those we know — and, yes, even love at times — we feel; and when something happens to the far from solid place we enjoy, we feel that, too.  When the Opera Populaire in the old Intemptesta Nox region was taken down, as well as many other places, people gathered to say goodbye to an old friend.  Myself, though I don’t go as often as I did in my first six months, I can’t imagine Second Life without the Blarney Stone or Fibber Magee’s in the Dublin regions.

Not long ago, there was a group of friends who met on what appeared to be a rambling agglomeration of a boat floating in China region, a sort of “junky junk.”  It became something of a social club, especially with the comfortable seating areas and room for dancing, judging by the looks of the scenes in the machinima above.  But the boat did not belong to them.  The owner decided to take it down — no build is guaranteed to last forever in Second Life — and did the traditional thing for grand builds:  a burn-down.

To the people who gathered there, this place was real; they knew it was a simulation in a massive computer program, but they had joined together in this place, dammit, and it was their home in a sense.  So you can understand some of the melancholy that permeates this machinima.

Things like this are more than pixels on a screen and binary numbers in a data pool….

Thanks to Hamlet Au.

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