Bourbon Street, Estival Island

UPDATE, April 26, 2011: I just discovered tonight that Estival Island is no more. I hope that an upswing will come to the Second Life economy one day; some good places are disappearing, or struggling to make their tier.


I was doing some shopping today, and ran across signs for a club upstairs that sounded intriguing.  It was even more intriguing, for some reason, when the stairs turned into this iron stairway that took a deke to the right, with a neon sign pointing the way.  (Don’t ask me why; not even I understand the way my mind works at times.)

But I soon emerged onto the floor, and found this smoky little club with fine blues playing on the stream.  Called, appropriately enough, Bourbon Street, it looks like a pleasant place to spend a few hours.

But I think what made it certain for me was this sign:

I’m heading back to check it out at least once during a DJ session, which they appear to have regularly scheduled.

Teleport to here, on Estival Island. If you pop up in the courtyard for Foxxy Design, just turn your back to the store and look for your beacon, or a sign that says “Rock ‘n Roll” on the second floor of the building ahead of you.  When you hear the blues playing, or see the sign leading upstairs, you’ll know you’ve found it.  If I’m any judge, the thrill ain’t gone, baby!

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