Interesting Linden Prize Finalists

Most of you are probably aware of the finalist nominees for the second Linden Prize, announced on the Big Blog a week ago.  It’s an interesting selection (especially for one of the choices), and has kicked off a fair bit of discussion across the blogs and other communications venues.

The Linden news crew is doing an individual report on each nominee — follow the links in the main article above.  For my own preference as a winner, I lean toward the Nonprofit Commons in Second Life (home page, SLurl), a program set up to allow non-profit groups the chance to use the universal “meeting place” of the Grid for their work.  This is not just one group working on a single program, but a group facilitating many other groups that work to impact situations in the Real World through the improvement of their tools.

The most controversial one is obvious, of course:  the nomination of SionChicken and SionCorn.  Make sure to see the comments to this article.  Summarizing, though:  many object because of its hogging of resources in a region, especially if someone tries to turn their land into a chicken ranch and the breeding gets out of hand.  Others assert that the chickens, more of a “game within a game” than anything else, are not in the announced spirit of the Linden Prize, “…an innovative inworld project that improves the way people work, learn and communicate in their daily lives outside of the virtual world.” (Linden Prize announcement page)  The one thing that cannot be argued is that, despite programming bugs and resource load, the concept behind these products was innovative.  It also appears, according to New World Notes, that the publicized-in-RW goodies accounted for a spike in new residents, which may be the logic behind their nomination.

The Linden Prize winner will be announced next week, on June 1; check here or the Big Blog for the details.

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