2010 Linden Prize Winner Announced — Tech Virtual Museum Workshop

Linden Lab announced today the winner of its second annual Linden Prize, the Tech Virtual Museum Workshop.  (Full text of the Big Blog announcement)

Tech Virtual uses the modeling capability of the Grid to create virtual mockups of museum exhibits.  These can be used to prototype how a finished RL exhibit will appear, and even work, when built, and are used to pitch concepts to the money people that will finance the RL work.

This wasn’t my personal pick; as I wrote just a few days ago, I preferred the Nonprofit Commons.  Ah, well; such are the inscrutable choices of committees (grin).  Congratulations to Tech Virtual, as well as to all of the nominees, and let’s look forward to the 2011 Prize.

Posted June 1, 2010 by Harper Ganesvoort in Announcements

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